Therefore with the legalization the using population of low income will not go to leave to use. with the law of offers of of the search, the consumption of illegal marijuana increases. 3- Thus being the private sector that will make responsible for the supply of legal marijuana it will go to pressure the public power to intensify the persecution and fiscalization of the traffic, to eliminate competition. Soon more violence and wars. 4- the existing nets of corruption already will have, with the legalization, plus a millionaire shunting line source of mount of money, tax evasions of taxes and formations of mfias, therefore all the process of production and sales of legalized marijuana involve agroindstria, pharmaceutical industry, transport, system of public and private security, taxes on distribution and consumption, mounts of money for combat to the illegal flow (traffic), among others.

If I was using I would prefer that he continued illegal. Exactly that the legalization if has limited to the medicinal use will exist the cited process all previously, exactly that in lesser scale. A legalized time the use, the government will have that to include in its public expenses with health and security the effect of this legalization. As well as if it makes with the tobacco and alcohol. For being legal and culturally inserted in the society, the public expenses with victims of these vices are highest. Perhaps plus a tax to the citizens it was created (hypothesis). The medicinal benefits of marijuana are studied, proven escancarados in its defense.

As well as the curses, in the same ratio. In the question health, the scale is balanced. However in the social matter dumb history. It is used very of the historical use of marijuana as argument. It is cited that the Chinese, Indian and African civilizations were used of marijuana for many ends, and therefore we would have to give another treatment in our society.

Essential Part

Are you raising a new business? Are you going to make a product that needs to be bottled? Monterrey boasts large bottlers that have the highest technology that will exceed your expectations. To when seeking a bottler must collect enough information, since the bottling of your product is essential. You must be a company that meets all the requirements, that is certified and that guarantees you the quality of their services. Also it is necessary that when working with a bottler notice if they are innovative, since working together should give you ideas as well as functional, innovative, fresh, modern, smart, etc. Before presenting your product on the market make sure the bottle of the product to convince 100 percent, because it is not a good idea get a product in a presentation and then change because you were not satisfied with the bottler with which you worked. Mexico has large bottling companies and of course the best bottling plant is located in Monterrey. Looking for your information by half of his web page but before deciding to work with her compares the services offered you, you’ll see that without a doubt is the best bottler.

Monetary Authority

It is that while the BCRA has a good level of international reserves to discourage any possibility of speculative attack (23 in) January amounted to USD 47.026 million), reducing them to the level required by the Government could increase the fear of the market leading to an increase in demand for dollars in a manner that bring the level of reserves at a level of risk for exchange rate stability. Against this possibility, the BCRA would have two opposing paths, each with a different risk. The first way would be to generate an appreciation in nominal exchange in such a way of discouraging the demand for dollars. This option would require by the BCRA initially resign reserves to appreciate the exchange rate, hoping to keep it controlled to the demand for dollars, thereby reducing the net loss of reserves. The second path that could take the BCRA would stop depreciating the nominal exchange rate in such a way that the same reach a level that reduces the efforts of the Monetary Authority to keep it at that value. This alternative could however increase the incentive of the market by pressing on the mode switching type just to increase the depreciation of the peso by making required a greater effort by the BCRA to sustain the new exchange rate level.

In short, the fiscal weakness of the pillars and external in the Argentine economy will produce a sensitive increase of the fragility of the same. The Argentine economy in general and the BCRA in particular, face a context of greater volatility which will involve no less on the stability risks. The Government does not have many resources to sustain economic stability unless you start twisting direction of economic policy towards the strengthening of macroeconomic variables sending clear and strong signals to the market wanting to move towards a more serious and predictable economy. This would help to build confidence, one good more than necessary for these moments. Original author and source of the article.

Long Forks Again Available

Pallet trucks with special lengths, tried and tested technology Corp, March 11, 2010 – judge special, supplier of transportation equipment has from immediately pallet trucks with special lengths 800, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm forks available from stock. The low-cost pallet truck are CE, TuV / GS tested and intended for long-term continuous use in industry and production. The robust fork-lift trucks have a monocoque compartment torsion-free and are RAL 2002 plastic coated, but easy in handling. The lift trucks have a capacity of 2.0 tons, hard chrome-plated Qualitatshydrauliken and are equipped with tandem polyurethane fork rollers as standard. Of 210 steering angle an easy and safe maneuvering allows while the fork tips running-in role to the easy pallet handling. The operator of a reliable operation and energy-saving use, which allows a productive benefit thanks to proven technology. Judge delivers high-quality transport equipment all kinds of storage and logistics. These include E.g.

fork-lift trucks, weighing trucks, sack BARROW and crate cart, heavy duty trolley 1000 kg load capacity and other lifting and lifting devices. The other product range include floor scales, industrial scales, which can also be supplied in explosion protected design and industrial scales from German production. In addition to standard articles, also demanding complete and individual solutions are realized according to customer requirements. With products by judges can be optimally as well as ergonomically internal material flows and business processes.

Textile Trade With VARIO7 Textile ERP More Than Satisfied

Software for retail and wholesale, chain stores, e-commerce and retailers when it comes to the subject merchandise and textile trade, remain many software systems on track again and again, just in the textile trade, color, length, or size are important requirements for a goods economy, but also article list and links to your own shop are important features of ERP for the textile trade. When it comes to merchandise management for textile trade, sooner or later everyone on the VARIO7 comes textile Edition from VARIO Software GmbH. Of course, there are the new VARIO 7 with interface to the online shop system by xt: Commerce and Sundar and provides the solution for the mail order business since. All data like for example articles, texts, holdings, and all other attributes are upload button from the inventory management in the online-shop. When placing an order, all data be read automatically in the merchandise management. The software VARIO7 Edition textile provides valuable Planning and decision-making for an economic management, ensures competitive advantages prior to your colleague, has been practical in cooperation with textile retailers and wholesalers in more than 20 years designed and tested. More information, demo, online demo or appointment under: or

IGraal Efficient Economies

Save money when shopping for Office, shop, school and practice Paris April 13, 2010: iGraal (, the European shopping portal, offers companies the ability to easily save money on their purchases for the workplace: of office supplies, furniture, packaging, clothing and much more can be ordered via the iGraal partners with Cashback Bonus and discount benefits. The advantages of online shopping, long and extensively used in a private setting, can extend also to the professional environment. Economies economically and efficiently is critical to the business success in all areas, but that is usually not consistently taken into account. Especially on the purchases you relies often on traditional service providers, because the catalog is perhaps already in the Office. Finally it should go quickly, when Office materials be ordered, selected new furniture or used work clothes, because usually only ordered when the printer cartridge already empty, and the paper has gone out.

Because often, the price remains secondary. While many of the major provider for Office supplies, Office furniture, work clothes and all vocational needs of both partners in the Internet portal can be found iGraal: eFiliale Staples, MyPaper, Crow ( and Otto Office by the post, many more well-known stores are represented. In addition to the abundance of partners from all sectors of the professional requirements, the online shopping mall has another advantage: A price comparator on the page determined the cheapest price for a product by all partners. More and more companies order already online. Some companies have saved on their iGraal account”already a high amount, describes Aurelie Mezbourian, country Manager Germany their experiences. The Cashback balance is often also the employees. Because who manages well for his company, which is also rewarded.

We have heard from several companies, the iGraal credits in a Company party invested.” Also at the service, it makes no cuts if one takes the iGraal bonus claim. The order is carried out directly at the partner shop, iGraal is only the intermediary, who credits the Cashback Bonus and has often to offer exclusive discounts and coupons. The delivery of an order in the online mall is also often faster than a conventional order via fax, mail, or telephone. About iGraal iGraal presents now 450,000 users across Europe discounts at more than 850 partner shops (ebay, Neckermann, Dell, Expedia, Tchibo, 3Suisses, etc.) and roughly 500 daily vouchers. At the same time represents the first product finder with price comparison, which already takes into account all coupons and discounts in the displayed price iGraal and offers its users a sophisticated tool bar. IGraal membership is free of charge. Managing Director Christian Goaziou founded iGraal 2006. Award: Best innovation 2007, France. Press contact: iGraal SAS Aurelie Mezbourian, country Manager Germany 65-rue d ‘ Aguesseau, 92100 Boulogne France E-Mail: Web: Twitter: Facebook: PR Agency: Weissenbach PR Annemarie Dyckers, Stefanie Hat stone nymph Castle Road 86, 80636 Munchen Tel.: + 49 89 55 06 77 72 fax: + 49 89 55 06 77 90 E-Mail: Web:

Forest Health

The PLANET AND the MAN Who is the Hostage? In the current social context the world lives crisis moments that are perceived in diverse sectors: in the social or personal field. We know that the land exists has millions of years and was always populated by its inhabitants, being pensantes or not, they are inhabitants. But, the man with its ambition and vanity transform the nature and he destroys it thus contributing with the extinguishing of existing the animal species and all life in the planet. In this it compromises our health, therefore we start to breathe and to coexist all the happened pollution of this transformation. The falling of trees of forests, the forest fires, everything this pra that? to construct a Forest of Rock. One of the main actions of the man who comes affecting all the nature is the emission of pollutant gases in the atmosphere (' ' The pollutant gases are those produced, mainly, for the burning of: fsseis fuels (gasoline and oil diesel), organic residues (lixos) and forest vegetation. These gases absorb part of the infra-red radiation emitted for the Land, favoring and effect greenhouse and the heating global.' ' We can cite as main pollutant gases of the atmosphere the carbon dioxide, per fluorcarbonetos, hidro fluorcarbonetos, gas methane and nitrous oxide.) This provokes the call global heating beyond causing an incalculable addition of problems in the health of the people, this affects all the vegetal and animal life planetary existing in the biosfera.

The industrial development is the main landmark of the transformation fomented for the man. The benefits are as much that if were elencados would occupy lines and more lines of a sheet of paper. Such inventos ones very contribute in the development of the countries, improve the health the education, among others, everything are fruits of the industrial development, that is wonderful in the direction to improve the way where we live and the quality of life of the people.

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