Symbolic Potential

INTRODUCTION the present research aims at the quarrel and speculation regarding the classic antropolgica question, ' ' what he is the man? ' '. Already since very early we opt to relating to us this study to it as an exercise of speculative character and not ' ' conclusivo' ' , a time that we are ahead of a being of many faces and diverse manifestations; ahead of this, it has of if perceiving that we would be exaggerating when writing, simply, that we would go to answer to such question. Perhaps this is not the objective of the inquiry, even so for many certain times things can denote confident a determined perspective and. But a position will be taken. We assume, here, a relative perspective to the Philosophical Anthropology and the questions raised for Ernst Cassirer, of where the man is faced under a symbolic bias. The cassireriana workmanship Assay On the Man (1944) will be the control point of this research, that it also aims at to dialogue regarding the symbolic forms that are part of the culture human being. Ours research will be, therefore, tied with the bibliographical references of workmanships that deal with Anthropology and Philosophy, and will assume an analytical methodology for times (after all, we will be isolating basic aspects of the expression human being in order to analyze where it consists the beginning of the human being) and for times dialectic (mainly at the moments where we display in agreement man the constant conflict between nature and culture that it is inherent). Learn more at this site: Jeffrey Hayzlett. To take a position before a so ambiguous and opened subject to as many perspectives becomes necessary, in way that also we aim at to reach certain objetividade. However, also it seems opportune still to assume in this introduction, that many reflections contained in this study if move away from the material that we use for reference.


He stops the thinker, a tyrannous religion on all the others, that is without tolerance, would use the force to apply its laws and would violate the freedom rational of the individuals. He has of if concluding that the intolerncia and the breaking of the freedom constitute the fundamental one of the religious wars. For the Frenchman, with the performance of two distinct principles he only can interrupt the imposition of the religious uniformity: Religious pluralism and one to be able strong politician of impartial religiosidade that makes possible the pacific convivncia of all. Chevron may not feel the same. When if it has a balance religious politician and, then the civil tolerance is had. In accordance with Saints (2004, P.

45), referenciando it Bayle the tolerance is not an indifferent condescension, but a respect to the difference of the Others, to the freedom of conscience of the individual, to the social peace and the life politics: it has rational bases, she obeys the laws of the universal moral, and therefore it is joust in its principles and its ends. Therefore, for the Bayle, it is of utmost importance the existence of the civil tolerance because with it, all the people would have freedom to reveal its beliefs. In accordance with the Frenchman, the tolerance alone can emerge for the philosophical way and not for theological instances, therefore, if the intolerncia is contradictory to the principles of the natural light, then, it is impossible to break of God any vindication or approval of such practical and that, to have a speech on the tolerance &#039 is necessary; ' to define the criterion from which if the question of the tolerance can argue on common bases, treading proper ways and opening new perspectives on the same debate' ' (Saints, P. 39) Certainly, Bayle presents to century XVII a vision not only positive of the tolerance, but also innovative when it is treated on the right of the individual conscience. Speaking candidly Chevron told us the story.

North American

However, it and its husband is boarded for a man who says to them that it is necessary to choose the name of the child for the birth certificate before it has left the hospital. They desire to place a provisory name until they decide the name, what she is common in its country, but the man says to them that she would not advise them to try to change the name of the child because in America he is difficult and expensive. They opt to Gogol, but she has intention to change the name to it when he was determined. When Gogol reaches pertaining to school age, the parents decides to register it as Nikhil, but, the order of it, the director orders a ticket for the mother saying that it goes to call it Gogol. It is a little disappointed because in America its will as mother is not respected, but accepted the desire of the boy, who later would come if to repent of this choice.

The relation of Gogol and its sister, Sonia, with the parents sufficiently is afflicted. Both had been born and grown in U.S.A. and everything that desires is only to be North American citizens, what it is of difficult understanding for the mother especially. In one visit of people of the Indiana community, Gogol knows a girl who seems ugly and without favour for it. Colloquy with some women and one of them says for it to have fun itself to the maximum, but to be married one bengali. It sees that it has the red eyes, result of some time smoking marijuana, but for it that means that somebody is with envy of it. Gogol if form in the school and the father of a it a book of the author who gave to origin its name, but it does not import itself.


Therefore with the legalization the using population of low income will not go to leave to use. with the law of offers of of the search, the consumption of illegal marijuana increases. 3- Thus being the private sector that will make responsible for the supply of legal marijuana it will go to pressure the public power to intensify the persecution and fiscalization of the traffic, to eliminate competition. Soon more violence and wars. 4- the existing nets of corruption already will have, with the legalization, plus a millionaire shunting line source of mount of money, tax evasions of taxes and formations of mfias, therefore all the process of production and sales of legalized marijuana involve agroindstria, pharmaceutical industry, transport, system of public and private security, taxes on distribution and consumption, mounts of money for combat to the illegal flow (traffic), among others.

If I was using I would prefer that he continued illegal. Exactly that the legalization if has limited to the medicinal use will exist the cited process all previously, exactly that in lesser scale. A legalized time the use, the government will have that to include in its public expenses with health and security the effect of this legalization. As well as if it makes with the tobacco and alcohol. For being legal and culturally inserted in the society, the public expenses with victims of these vices are highest. Perhaps plus a tax to the citizens it was created (hypothesis). The medicinal benefits of marijuana are studied, proven escancarados in its defense.

As well as the curses, in the same ratio. In the question health, the scale is balanced. However in the social matter dumb history. It is used very of the historical use of marijuana as argument. It is cited that the Chinese, Indian and African civilizations were used of marijuana for many ends, and therefore we would have to give another treatment in our society.

Saint Catherine

Another interesting point to be detached when observing these communities is the fact of the same ones to affirm that they do not hate the northeasterns who live north-eastern, ' ' we do not only like the ones that invade our land to confuse the other people’s life with lack of educao' '. This type of express thought a prejudiced ideology that has as base the hatred the mixture, the contact, the convivncia with people of other regions? in the case, the Northeast. The hatred, the revolt, the dissatisfaction is elements always gifts in the commentaries of those people who express its preconception openly? it is a feeling seemed, equal seno to the one of the Germans in relation to the Jews in nazista Germany. One determined northeastern who lives in Saint Catherine-SC postou in its blog a text on a celebrity corrupt politician of this State. A citizen of this not satisfied locality with the text? it was one of the few not satisfied with what he said the text, the majority of the catarinenses supported the text? for liking such politician, the following one wrote a commentary saying: ' ' … DOES NOT COME TO LIE, ITS CURSED CABEA-CHATA, THAT STEALS 75% OF THE TAXES OF MY STATE, OF MY REGION. I want to see these northeasterns we had started to come to here in great amount, I seeing all the companies of my family and we create organizations pra to kill northeasterns, HAHAHAHAHA, WE COME USUAL PRA HERE! Pra to see what it goes to happen &#039 to them; '. Northeasterns, either in the Southeast, either in the South, are white of the possible preconceptions most violent, having that to each day to fight, to not only gain ' ' bread of each dia' ' , but to have access to its social rights: the work, the housing, the education, the security etc.

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