Saint Catherine

Another interesting point to be detached when observing these communities is the fact of the same ones to affirm that they do not hate the northeasterns who live north-eastern, ' ' we do not only like the ones that invade our land to confuse the other people’s life with lack of educao' '. This type of express thought a prejudiced ideology that has as base the hatred the mixture, the contact, the convivncia with people of other regions? in the case, the Northeast. The hatred, the revolt, the dissatisfaction is elements always gifts in the commentaries of those people who express its preconception openly? it is a feeling seemed, equal seno to the one of the Germans in relation to the Jews in nazista Germany. One determined northeastern who lives in Saint Catherine-SC postou in its blog a text on a celebrity corrupt politician of this State. A citizen of this not satisfied locality with the text? it was one of the few not satisfied with what he said the text, the majority of the catarinenses supported the text? for liking such politician, the following one wrote a commentary saying: ' ' … DOES NOT COME TO LIE, ITS CURSED CABEA-CHATA, THAT STEALS 75% OF THE TAXES OF MY STATE, OF MY REGION. I want to see these northeasterns we had started to come to here in great amount, I seeing all the companies of my family and we create organizations pra to kill northeasterns, HAHAHAHAHA, WE COME USUAL PRA HERE! Pra to see what it goes to happen &#039 to them; '. Northeasterns, either in the Southeast, either in the South, are white of the possible preconceptions most violent, having that to each day to fight, to not only gain ' ' bread of each dia' ' , but to have access to its social rights: the work, the housing, the education, the security etc.

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