Third World

In the generality, the academic thought always is stuffed of a cynicism and an esoteric bizantinismo that always derive from the deriving academic thought of the foreigner, especially in the areas of economy, psychology, sociology, right and over all in the areas techniques, as engineering and the medicine. Everything more goes if drawing as the foreign investments they go or has raw material scarcity, since this is drained for is or will go to take care of to the internal demand imposed by the foreign industries. In third, the financings for the acquisition of these equipment tend to increase because after that the innovations are acquired that impose new financings. In room, the specialized man power to give maintenance to these equipment always tends to be deriving of the native countries; in addition to little man power technique with great difficulty formed here and many times with public investment it will go to dislocate itself for the rich countries, attracted by the high wages, or will go to compose the pictures of employees of the foreign companies. still, the importation of this technology will fatally go to dismiss more. It is the machine of the dependence and the economic and social misalignment that never gave space to the local progress. The rules of the international trade immediately need to be reviewed.

The prices of the merchandises exported for the Third World are very low and this it imposes an effort without limit, since it does not have possibility of initial capitalizaton. The progress is right of all sovereign nation. With the new drawing of the global economy, associated with the serious financial crisis that if presents to the time where I write this article, the humanity walks for a generalized chaos. Most impressive, however she is that never the importance of the price of raw materials exported for the Third World was argued objective, even so economists as the Argentine Raul Prebisch has carried through studies that prove this position technical. Objective, high the gradual one and commanded of raw materials would save them of a side and would force the fall of the generated standards of wastefulness in the rich nations. Everything the more, that it is adjusted according to this intolerable economic system in the urban centers of the whole world, absorbing essential resources of all sum to the true progress, we walk for the frank exhaustion of the natural resources, the systematic aggression to the environment and of the possibility each scarcer time to equate the problem.

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