Captcha? That such a capture is known to many – as seen many times and were forced to use it, perhaps, simply did not know what it is called so. CAPTCHA – a protection against pesky spam bots, looks like it is usually in the form of images letters and or numbers and has a field to enter what you see in the image. If your Internet project is the possibility of user registration, adding comments or some other information – might be worth think about what would these opportunities – do not use bots or with what purpose. For this situation, and was invented by the system of protection ‘Captcha’. In this, the short article I will talk about setting discussed protection system on your site. So, first we need to protect the script, take a perfectly good free version available at or download here. Download, extract – made in the root folder and thrown in a captcha the contents of the archive.

Choose a page to add information or registration at the top (file a registration page) write: session_start (); further in the form template, which is filled to register, add a picture generated by the script: And then, perhaps a little below the image – a field for entering data from the picture: Now move to that part – where to send form data using GET or POST. How to find, we begin to remake – so, we write: of your site protected. By the way, in a file captcha / kcaptcha_config.php all setup script, quite clearly described.

Social Communication

That the world lives in crisis in the area of the communications, is certain, and ahead of this she is necessary or to decide this crisis with a remedy anaesthetic, as always it was being fact, or to search a solution final, but meanwhile this being made we do not need protecting in them and for this a critical education appears at least as a solution for now. is this branch that will be treated in the next chapter. 4. PROPOSAL OF a CRITICAL EDUCATION One of the attempts of minimizao of the consequences of one me the communication form is the critical education and for this we need a dialogue between the society and the ways of communication. A bigger knowledge on the part of the population of the importance of these ways and of as they act. It is necessary that the public knows that nor everything what occurs passes in the media, as this being spread out. Some a few days ago, I heard a commentary on the death of the Isabel girl, a fact very commented and that she generated information for months, the person said more or less thus: ' ' I find that one case of the Isabel already all is decided, the TV does not say more nada' ' (verbal source).

It would like to leave clearly that my affirmation is not based simply on this phrase, but that the importance of the media front the duration and the resolution of the facts really occurs in the mind of the people. But following, TO SOUND (1988, p.12) says: … Is from the proposals and suggestions of the bases that if construct, for the dialogue and the contribution of professionals of the communication with global vision of the processes in questioning, the work plans whose final objective is always the one construction communication more adjusted human being and more to the integral project of liberating education that must sediment the proper discurso on the instruments and the proper system of Social Communication.

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