Captcha? That such a capture is known to many – as seen many times and were forced to use it, perhaps, simply did not know what it is called so. CAPTCHA – a protection against pesky spam bots, looks like it is usually in the form of images letters and or numbers and has a field to enter what you see in the image. If your Internet project is the possibility of user registration, adding comments or some other information – might be worth think about what would these opportunities – do not use bots or with what purpose. For this situation, and was invented by the system of protection ‘Captcha’. In this, the short article I will talk about setting discussed protection system on your site. So, first we need to protect the script, take a perfectly good free version available at or download here. Download, extract – made in the root folder and thrown in a captcha the contents of the archive.

Choose a page to add information or registration at the top (file a registration page) write: session_start (); further in the form template, which is filled to register, add a picture generated by the script: And then, perhaps a little below the image – a field for entering data from the picture: Now move to that part – where to send form data using GET or POST. How to find, we begin to remake – so, we write: of your site protected. By the way, in a file captcha / kcaptcha_config.php all setup script, quite clearly described.

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