Los Reyes Unidos

Cigar Collection Emilio Reyes appeared on the market is not so long, and consists of the following lines: the flagship of the DRG, Emilio Reyes, Breves, Flor de los Reyes, Don Priamo (in honor of his father), and Los Reyes Unidos (as a sign of familial solidarity.) All sizes Collections (from the usual parejo – cigar box-sized to) have a 7 formats, different wrapper, rolled out blends of tobaccos, and have a palette of flavors – from very soft to very strong (saturated). If you find a collection of what you need – you dally to cigars. All brands of Don Emilio, including “Adam and Eve ‘ imported and sold through Eden’s Gate Cigars, at a retail price of $ 3.25 to $ 5.50. This summer, the cigars’ Adam and Eve “will be presented in small format and in metal boxes, and maybe Don Emilio world reveal their latest cigar hand twist the highest class, with a taste of champagne and cognac. ‘All I want’ – he said quietly, – “it’s that every smoker of cigars and cigar got me assess its quality. You know, many do not smoke a cigar, and its prestigious rim – choosing warped image of prestige, rather than to enjoy the taste and quality. We want smokers to choose Adan y Eva and DRG not only in quality but also on their rim.

” When I asked about the cherished dream, Don Emilio says: ‘See the end embargo against Cuba, so that we can mix the Cuban and Dominican tobaccos. Of them can twist cigars incredible … I think that these tobaccos – the best in the world. ” That’s’ small, unknown company ‘has become a giant producer of many kinds, and Don Emilio Reyes – a benchmark of quality in the cigar world, getting together with a solid reputation among tobacco workers and manufacturers of cigars, a well-deserved recognition for market. Emilio Reyes knows about the cultivation of tobacco and tobacco sheet, more than anyone else in the Dominican Republic and Cuba, creating a whole series of areas for development. And he produces a wide range of outstanding cigars. How could afford to make the wrong choice cigars present their expert?

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