Analyzing The Analytics

Google’s Web Analytics are a powerful tool that will allow us to obtain detailed information about traffic to our site, through a very explicit visual interface, and, as it could not be otherwise with Google, in a very intuitive manner. However, this ease of use can do that we do not value the information that Google offers so that sites improve their quality. Firstly, entering the control panel, you can choose to view the percentage of changes in visits, the average time on the site, percentage of rebounds and project goals. Generally speaking, what the majority of users are eager to see is the change in visits, i.e. traffic. Then, select this variant. By clicking on view report, we accede to an axes chart showing the number of visits, choosing segment per day, per week or per month. We can also select, deploying the menu, if we want to see the percentage of visits, new visits, pages viewed, average of page views per visit, or percentage of rebounds.

It is also possible to compare two variables at a time, or compare one selected with the average of the site for example if we believe that we have improved our performance in a certain period of time, just compare it to the overall average. The graph allows you to make annotations, for example, where to put a brief reminder (low visits by national holiday, or beginning of PPC campaign). The possibilities of analysis of this tool are phenomenal. Well worth taking the time to investigate the functionality of each of them. Basically, two functions are the most illustrative regarding traffic: the panel and sources of traffic, both sections can be accessed through the links in the right sidebar.

Advertiser Panel, have available the information of traffic in one fell swoop, i.e. without disaggregation. But we can click on the various links of the graph, to deploy the sought-after details. For example, clicking on web sites of reference, shows us the sites from those arriving visitors, i.e. those pages that directly derive us traffic as our links on Twitter and Facebook. One of the most interesting features is the possibility of seeing links where users click on our site, well graphically. I.e. clicking on content, in the right side navigation bar, click on superposition of the site, which will open in window aside our site, with active links marked and signposted with the percentage of clicks that each of them has received. For example, if we have 6 active links on home page, Google Analytics will show a bar colored underneath each link to view different levels of activation of each of them. A surprise, we can lead us to suppose that users massively prick in certain proposed links, when in reality, their preference is another. From here we can take very relevant information to change certain graphical aspects of the site, in order to improve their usability, highlight elements that until this moment they look irrelevant, or modify the general layout. In short, the Google Analytics are a valuable resource in our internet marketing, and learn to read properly will result in an increase of the traffic and the effectiveness of our site.

Walton International Group Profiteers

Fund provides investors with Pinal County 2 all advantages of the experienced developer of the country’s the Walton head William Doherty did not take it and public funds in Germany presented a few days ago the first US Landbanking the 130 present advisors of the company on the Konigswinter Petersberg itself. He made it clear that now the time is right, to invest in land in selected locations in the United States. In addition the Fund subscribers be the profiteers of the crisis one of the world’s largest Landbanking provider that this percentage of purchase prices and full independence to the banks. Walton Fund are now pure equity funds and invest only if the sale of the land is largely secured. Also, no foreign capital must be recorded on the purchase of the land. Walton comes here to the Fund in advance\”. Although the United States would so currently plagued by a housing crisis, the expected growth of the population would be alone Basis for the demand for cultivable land.

However, the concentration on the metropolitan regions, of which the U.S. expelled Department of Commerce of only ten is important here. Says Neil MC Cullagh, Managing Director of Europe, Walton: Walton’s first goal is to protect the invested capital of our investors. For 29 years, not a single investor has ever lost money. This has been through an extensive land-acquisition process ‘ in North America. We spend at least two to four years of careful research in our target areas before we buy land, to ensure that only strategically located land for low-cost development is acquired. We buy then significant land in the target regions and long time partner of the local government. Walton’s second target is the capital of our investors through the land-planning team, which is the best in its class, to grow. It is in particular the current account deficit, which is now so attractive for investors Walton.

North American

However, it and its husband is boarded for a man who says to them that it is necessary to choose the name of the child for the birth certificate before it has left the hospital. They desire to place a provisory name until they decide the name, what she is common in its country, but the man says to them that she would not advise them to try to change the name of the child because in America he is difficult and expensive. They opt to Gogol, but she has intention to change the name to it when he was determined. When Gogol reaches pertaining to school age, the parents decides to register it as Nikhil, but, the order of it, the director orders a ticket for the mother saying that it goes to call it Gogol. It is a little disappointed because in America its will as mother is not respected, but accepted the desire of the boy, who later would come if to repent of this choice.

The relation of Gogol and its sister, Sonia, with the parents sufficiently is afflicted. Both had been born and grown in U.S.A. and everything that desires is only to be North American citizens, what it is of difficult understanding for the mother especially. In one visit of people of the Indiana community, Gogol knows a girl who seems ugly and without favour for it. Colloquy with some women and one of them says for it to have fun itself to the maximum, but to be married one bengali. It sees that it has the red eyes, result of some time smoking marijuana, but for it that means that somebody is with envy of it. Gogol if form in the school and the father of a it a book of the author who gave to origin its name, but it does not import itself.

Russian Internet

I have already said that search traffic is the surest and reliable source of visitors. True to get to the TOP10-20 – the first page of search engine should make a great effort, especially when it comes to high- demands and competitive commercial queries. However, you can get from a search engine more traffic, given all the propagating ignorance Runet users. Illiteracy in the sense of language and performance spelling errors. People are increasingly drawn to the pickup, the glamor. And then the poor treat prostatitis and cold sores. If you noticed, the first word of the title topic is written with an error. The word “earnings” rather than one the letters “o” should be the letter “a”.

I specifically made sure that people paid attention. But such little things many people do not bother. Accordingly, and in the search bar Yandex, Rambler, Google and thick and often also gain errors. This, ladies and gentlemen, we must use it! And under the erroneous requests should sharpen if not individual Web sites, individual pages for sure. I’m such an experiment conducted took the name of the German people’s car. And he made a couple of posts in one of the blogs, then posted a few links to these posts and the people went. Traff was good, and now he goes though the page is not strongly promoted.

Fight for the mistakes it makes sense. Compare the frequency of requests for August by Some of the term only to Yandex, which uses 40-45% of Russian Internet. And there are other PS The correct form seeking Volkswagen 66770 Wrong form looking Volkswagen folsvagen 19146 3795 398 folskvagen correct form seeking earnings 32,443 irregular shape look correct form of earnings 4,167 430,295 business looking for the wrong form seeking business 8663 Proper form is looking for Toyota 146,054 irregular shape looking tayota 21,336 savvy? A lot of queries in search engines with errors. And that’s wrong sites or pages specially sharpened by an error bit. Therefore, the competition is there an order of magnitude or so lower than the search without any errors. Optimizers as hone sites and blogs under the correct anchors it and you should use and be sure to make money. Exhaust must be …

Treaty Letter

The secrets of successful letter advertising advertising by E-Mail is prohibited. Although it is tempting to write a large circle of interested parties for a few cents. Most of the mail recipient feel this kind of advertising spam pejoratively called undue harassment. That’s why many advertisers remember back shipping of classic Werbebriefen. Under the title success sales letters for more profit\”, the expert authors reveal the secrets of successful mail letter advertising pole advertising in their eBook report series. Each report contains relevant and practical letter texts, the 1:1 or write off with small adjustments can be. You put on the effect sales letter\”eBook report (1) – the effect sales letter if with your sales letter, you’ll get attention.

But be careful! Alone provided the effect-letter\”to little effect. \”Only if from him a sales letter\” is the text objectively, without big fuss of sale spoken and prompted to act, is your sales letter success. Hit on the timpani, but let go over you then your letter into a harmonious melody. The notes, see this eBook report\”to do so. eBook-report (2) – recover lost customers sure you have some who haven’t bought to you among your customers.

Perhaps the love competing for these buyers cared more, as you guessed it. To prove such an old business connection is usually usually not that difficult. A few promotional letters already wonders. The practice showed that over 50% of customers was won back in this way. From this eBook report you can write off such letters. eBook-report (3) – successfully, but barely known: Treaty letters time honestly, what is a letter of agreement know? No – how shall I put this as a sales letter? \”, be sure to tell. But have you not ever offered a special discount or a longer payment terms your customers? Maybe even a joint advertising campaign suggested? In the contract letter is the ideal shape of a range of cases.

Marc Profit Retract

Energy cooperative Freudenberg offers attractive alternative for disposal of spent grains (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) many small and medium-sized breweries know the problem of disposal of Trebers incurred by the brewing process. Although the residue suitable due to its high protein content as forage in agriculture. Nevertheless the situation presents itself in view of the relatively low for an industrial recycling amounts of grains for many Brewer so, that they have to pay for the disposal. Click UISOL to learn more. An interesting alternative, make a profit with the disposal of own Marc material offers the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC. They produced exclusively from biogenic residues diesel fuel, which say the raw materials suppliers: Brewers in the form of kostenlosen(!) Diesel is returned.

In other words: The Brewer is his own diesel producer, almost as an aside. This fuel will be marketed under the name CEHATROL and is 590 due to its certification according to EN DIN easily in all diesel generators can be used. This fundamentally distinguishes it from conventional biodiesel and makes it interesting for energy-intensive industries. Brauer, who are interested in this alternative or a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC, should consult first full on the Internet portal. In a second step, you can contact and consult on specific contract opportunities and supply, which can take place nationwide, with a shop steward of the cooperative.

More Revenue

Can a company with the help of the Internet better survive the crisis? Many companies are affected by the global crisis. To quickly to get out of this crisis, all means must be exhausted to find customers. Here, the Internet offers huge opportunities. Almost every company now has a company’s homepage, but for most, this is just a showcase in which the company will be presented. Too seldom exploited all possibilities to increase sales significantly with the website.

Each company should by a specialist analyze which products and services to market themselves on the Internet leave and then start an Internet marketing campaign. Now the homepage should be aligned more on the products and services which are marketed via the Internet. It should be taken out used the special sales texts. The structure of the website should be clear and clearly designed so that the visitor easily finds himself along. Also it is very important the home page load time should be short, because many sites lose visitors because the home much too long loads, and the competition is already pleased. The most important thing is now clear to make why just the offer on this website is the right thing for him the visitors.

Now it should be Web page visitors as simple as possible be made the offer to accept. A well-planned newsletter system can bring very much additional revenue if it is coupled with the right subject and special marketing actions. If the possibilities offered by the Internet is properly used, very large opportunities for additional sales and profit, so the crisis can become the engine of success.

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