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However, it and its husband is boarded for a man who says to them that it is necessary to choose the name of the child for the birth certificate before it has left the hospital. They desire to place a provisory name until they decide the name, what she is common in its country, but the man says to them that she would not advise them to try to change the name of the child because in America he is difficult and expensive. They opt to Gogol, but she has intention to change the name to it when he was determined. When Gogol reaches pertaining to school age, the parents decides to register it as Nikhil, but, the order of it, the director orders a ticket for the mother saying that it goes to call it Gogol. It is a little disappointed because in America its will as mother is not respected, but accepted the desire of the boy, who later would come if to repent of this choice.

The relation of Gogol and its sister, Sonia, with the parents sufficiently is afflicted. Both had been born and grown in U.S.A. and everything that desires is only to be North American citizens, what it is of difficult understanding for the mother especially. In one visit of people of the Indiana community, Gogol knows a girl who seems ugly and without favour for it. Colloquy with some women and one of them says for it to have fun itself to the maximum, but to be married one bengali. It sees that it has the red eyes, result of some time smoking marijuana, but for it that means that somebody is with envy of it. Gogol if form in the school and the father of a it a book of the author who gave to origin its name, but it does not import itself.

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