Novokuli People

Laks – one of the indigenous peoples of the central part of highland Dagestan. They live in compact Lak, Kulinsky, and since 1944 in Novolak areas. Some of them live in the territories and Akushinsky, Rutul, Ahtynskogo, Dahadaevskogo and Charodinskogo areas. Laks lot can be found outside of Dagestan. Laks call themselves the "varnish", and his land "Lackrana kIanu" (Laks place). Neighbors called Laks differently: the Avars – "Fog"; gift-Hinze – "vuluguni", "vulechuni", "Lagle" (akushintsy) Lezgins – "yahulvi." Numerous attempts to explain samonazva-tion Laks and their origin. PL Uslar pointed to the linguistic similarity of the term "lacquer" with the name of the classic "Legs," who lived in Dagestan in early AD.

He also drew attention to the proximity of this term to name Lekosa, the mythical ancestor of all the peoples of Dagestan in the Georgian chronicles. On the first state entities – the principalities and Gumik Mist – referred to in Arabic, sources in connection with the events of 7. AM Alikhanov-Avar Laks produced from the Hun. At the same time insisted that Lak and other languages of Dagestan, ostensibly are genetically related to the languages of India and the Far East Lak Lak village area: Kumukh, Guymi, thick, Chukna, Cuba, Cookney, Chara, Kkurkli, Kuma, Kunda, Palisma, Kamahal, Nitsovkra, Karash, Unchukatl, Hong, Lahiri, Khoury , Huty, Chittoor, Kubra, Uri, Shovkra, Schara, Huerha, Hurukra, Kulushats, Churtah, Hulisma, Bursh, Shahuva, Shuni, Mukar. Kulinsky district: Cani Vihli, Sukiyah, Cooley, Hayha, Tsyyshi, Vachi, Kaya, Sumbatl, Tsushar, Tsovkra-2 Hosreh, Tsovkra-1. Novolakskoye region: Tuhchar, Gamiyah, Novochurtah, Duchi, Novokuli, Novolakskoye, Chapaeva. Other areas of Dagestan: Balkhar, Ulluchara, Huli, Tsulikana, Arakul, Shadnyi, Shalib, Soviet. The number of total number in Russia in 2002 – 156 545 (of which 109 750 people in urban areas), mainly fashion (140 000) in Dagestan (in Makhachkala, the mountain Lak, Kulinsky, and the plain areas Novolak). Also (as of 1989) reside in Uzbekistan (2807 people), Tajikistan (2441 people), Azerbaijan (1878 people), Turkmenistan (1398 people), Kazakhstan (1234), Kyrgyzstan (1078), Ukraine (1035), Turkey (total number is unknown – about 300 people in four villages Il Kars in the east).

Los Angeles Particularities

Tarot de los angeles: particularities of the reading of letters los angeles were traditionally regarded as messengers of the creative energy of the universe. A connection between humans and the divine. That is why angelic tarot Chuck to be considered a true celebration of the spiritual content deeper. As messengers of divine grace, los angeles mission is to convey, through the reading of letters, comfort, guide and Council to those who need it most. That is is why indicated that, before Chuck, will determine which is the angel own the consultant’s guidance, according to your date of birth.

This prior knowledge will allow to obtain messages much more adjusted to the personality of who consultation, so as also to his current situation. All chucks of letters require a prior spiritual preparation, but for angelic tarot features, for a reading of this type should pay particular attention to this step. Nothing better to do this that ignite candles White and burn incense, two actions which purify the environment and collaborate to create a climate of good energy. This allows that spiritual experiences are lived with greater intensity and depth. Meditate or pray, depending on the preference of who consultation, puts the body, mind and spirit in perfect state of predisposition to the comprehensive understanding of messages that Tarot cards will transmit you.

It should not be forgotten that the angels are beings of peace and harmony, and move in planes and spheres of light and peace. From there which is essential, to communicate with them, play an atmosphere of the above-mentioned characteristics, which not conspires with bad influences from deep spiritual contact that you want to establish fervently. It should not be forgotten that this type of reading of letters requires an intense concentration on the part of the consultant long lasting experience. Not only to receive the message from los angeles: also to have clarity in understanding its meaning. Whoever has difficulties to maintain the concentration for extended periods should think in perform exercises in this respect to be able to so fully capitalize this experience of deep elevation of body mind and spirit. An experience that leaves an unprecedented feeling of fullness at the heart of those who dare to face it with seriousness, commitment and intensity. Source: Press release sent by juancarlosmontillo.

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