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Amazingly, almost all movies about gangsters have a romantic touch. As well as the tragic finale. It is certain immutable rules, upon which is built any new crime tape. Not escaped this fate and another French epic "Enemy of the State number 1", which tells real gangster Jacques Mesrine existed, who hunted in the 60-70s of the last century in France, Canada, the United States, Spain and uk. Acuity adds that the film was made on the basis of a book written by Jacques. In short, things that catch the attention of future viewers of the movie enough, long before the release of a wide release.

and This is what happened as a result "Enemy of the State number 1. Part One. The beginning. " Have served their time in Algeria, Jacques Mesrin returned to his hometown. The service did not pass without a trace and integrate into normal life becomes for our Hero daunting task. Come to the aid of friends for whom burglary and robbery are not uncommon. Starting with the mundane burglary, Mesrin gradually switched over to a bank robbery and kidnapping of billionaires.

Beside him constantly are beautiful women, one of which he even marries. Periodic his release in prison, parents, wife and three children, none of this can make Jacques turn off the road that leads straight to hell. and reason for this one – a thirst for popularity. After all, popular to die a lot easier and more fun, disagree? Another person raised from the ashes to make her a hero, or antihero, as given.


Thus they are, and your you must say affectionately to him that she pleases to you that she says romantic things to you. You must say it because if is not going to assume that it is thus, and your you go to you think that your husband no longer loves to you. And these my dear friend is 4 reasons of because acting of your husband, you put if them in practices in your marriage, I am but who safe that you are going to reconquer your husband. Obvious not all this bad one in the men, they have many virtues differentiate that it from us who apply unconsciously them in their newspaper to live. These can be Leadership, protection, provide, and many but. If you put in it practices what you have learned here I am sure that the things in your marriage are going to improve, is only question of which you include/understand as your husband works, for poderte to mold to, and finally to be able to reconquer your husband. Now wanted friend you have advantage on many women that on a daily basis fights with his spouses by not to know what your now already you know, so my recommendation is you put that it in practices from today, you are not like those women who no matter how hard they know what is the cause of the discussions with its husband continue committing the same errors. Now you know already it and she is going to serve to you to reconquer your husband, but fast than you were expected. You already know that to accounts with my total support from my page Web in this duro process, as for me seguire writing but information so that to the aim you manage To recover your marriage. We see ourselves in my page Web! Your Kar friend it Go’mez Djame your commentary interests much knowledge to me if this article I contribute in something so that your marriage is recovered. A hug! Kar it

For A Friend

Start again, how many times we dream, and we are undertaking great adventures, and everything comes out beautifully, but they are just chimeras. As a movie that I saw the other days; the girl says goodbye to everyone climbs into the car, and with images give you to understand that it is released to start his new life full of mysteries and expectations. Obviously in films not weighs leave affections when it comes to live your life. I think it is so hypothetical, though we want to achieve new things is very difficult to leave our affections. Many people who have traveled in search of better opportunities have done to precisely make way for his own or provide them with an opportunity for a better life, through remittances so common today. Sentences passed by them, do not come to us, but it is not as easy as show you movies. Nor is it easy to start a new life, even without leaving your home. When anything of our daily family routine changes, we suffer an adaptation, sometimes some are easier than others, and it is clear, more bearable when you have a shoulder where to rest.

What happens when new life is precisely, the lack of the shoulder where comfort you. That we feel when we are victims of abandonment, which perhaps was giving little by little and not saw it reach or that it was abrupt. Solitude fit just blow accompanied by an infinite sadness. We look around and nothing, nothing where sketch something resembling a smile. Lack the source and the destination. Many things can make us to feel alive again, but as much as we love our children, we have friends, we lack a love. I repeatedly take this subject, not only because it is the theme that I chose to write in this blog, but by the sincerity with which I feel that no one should live without a great love.

Dionisio Velazco

Tubes or crates which comprise it are built in a dry dock and then moved by flotation to be sunk at the bottom of the channel of the Havana Bay, where there were previously excavated ditch where would be deposited. He managed to inaugurar him after three years of work, and the work was done reality yearning bind of a fast and comfortable way Havana with what is thought to be the eastern city and a string of beaches of enchantment with its White Sands and crystal clear waters. It was enough to traverse the habanera rada under the sea and that was done in a matter of seconds. The idea of shortening the journey time between the city and the beaches of the East, was certainly not new. For many years it could be reached only to them completely skirting the Bay and was forced the use of lousy roads that made travel extremely uncomfortable… Already in 1910-12, Dionisio Velazco, engineer and owner of large tracts of land in the East of Havana, designed a bridge that would run on the Bay between the Avenida del Puerto and the heights of la Cabana.

It was the solution that is appropriate for the time. But the project did not pass that because vetoed it the US Congress, which argued that in case of war the destruction of this road will cause the closure of a the strategic importance as the Havana port. The bridge was not built and the town continued its expansion towards the South and West, while the East was still constrinendo to its beaches that attracted more and more attention to vacationers and people willing to invest in them. Transfer to them remained a martyrdom until the Decade of the 40s of the last century when they built a modern road called Via white that it made possible the journey even to the city of Matanzas.

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