Howard Gardner

Do not forget, that a courageous concentration – fuelled by the concern produces an increase in cortical activation. But the State of flux and the optimum performance zone appears to be an oasis of cortical efficiency, with a minimal gesture of mental energy. Since then, the well practiced movements require much less brain effort that those are simply learned, or those that are too difficult. Try your brain to function at its optimum efficiency, as in the State of flow, where a precise relationship between the hotspots and the demands of the task. In this State, even difficult working can be refreshing or restorative rather than exhausting. There can you leverage perform all those tasks and learn how to grow towards their happiness.

The Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, in this regard, he developed the theory of multiple intelligences, in where it considers the State of flow and positive States that characterize it, as part of the healthy zone of teaching young people, motivating them from the inside, rather than threatening them or offering them a reward. He is recommended that you awaken in their children, their students, in yourself, that State of flow. In order to achieve positive results. Gardner warns, you need to make learning more enjoyable, and what to expect that when young people reach the State of flux due to the learning they will feel stimulated to accept challenges in new areas. Cultivate their State of flux, don’t neglect, transiting the, handle it properly and you will notice as you have another perception of his life. Original author and source of the article.


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