Construction Markets

1. About 5-6 months (at best) you will be half a day to live on the construction markets, and the other half at a construction site as This process requires constant attention. How much you earn in 12 years? But you will have to run the chain of command, to collect various documents (passport project, building permit, BTI, architecture, land committee, etc.) and then still need to be independently connected to the communications, as "breaking circle "of approvals and permits. Finally, take a cottage in the operation. And that's about 4-5 months of hard work and not earnings. In the centralized real estate developers usually the whole scheme of coordination and unified by the total volume is significantly cheaper. 2.

The second important factor is the place where you can buy land without a contract for construction. This can be a yard or a partnership but it is doubtful because in most cases, such partnerships are no central communications, security or any infrastructure. Of course there are exceptions, but it's usually the so-called starodachnye where cost is sometimes far exceeds the cost of a cottage village nearby. Also, the site can be purchased at some sort of village, as if the issue of communications addressed, but there is a question heterogeneity of the social environment and as a result of unreasonably high costs for security + hassle. (True and villages are different, for example Barvikha, Zhukovka and others like them, but we agreed not to rush to extremes). By and large, remains a more or less acceptable option, buying land in an organized cottage but without a contract for construction. However, there are considerable risks, for example, that you have built and the neighbors around there, but it happens very often, someone bought ground for the future (then build and live), someone with a view to investment (wait a couple of years, then pereprodam), someone has changed the situation (no money to build back to the first two options). Another interesting point is the different views on architecture. For real Novorizhskoe highway next to a wooden "palaces" may be a strange brick building with turrets, or vice versa. In other words, no one can to support a single concept and architectural style.

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