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AUTOSAR community benefits expertise Berlin OpenSynergy, January 14, 2009 – the Berlin software company OpenSynergy is appointed by the AUTOSAR Consortium to the official development members. This recognises the excellent expertise of the company to the standard AUTOSAR. For years employees of the company participated actively Consortium in the AUTOSAR standardization. As a member of development, OpenSynergy is actively shaping the development of AUTOSAR and put the AUTOSAR standard at the same time into new commercial products and services. The activities of the Working Group on methodology and tools will be the official accession of OpenSynergy”reinforced.

In particular, the company focus on the validation of the AUTOSAR release 4.0 and review processes, as well as tools related to functionality and efficiency. With AUTOSAR actively the accession shows the great commitment of the company to participate in the further implementation of the standards. In particular the many years of experience in the development and realization of software projects in the Work will be incorporated into that with areas of AUTOSAR, connectivity and infotainment. At the same time, our membership is a commitment to the standard. OpenSynergy will actively invest in the implementation of AUTOSAR, yet to streamline processes and tools. So we want to make our contribution, that the standard will be a success. “, explains Dr. Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut, CTO of the company.

COQOS standard-compliant will deepen further 100% OpenSynergy AUTOSAR expertise through participation. Thus OpenSynergy can support companies in projects, wanting to use the AUTOSAR standard. The membership of the company facilitates the development around the operating system COQOS standard-conform AUTOSAR applications combining with infotainment applications and that on only a hardware. The COQOS tool suite used by AUTOSAR of defined templates and exchange formats and development process works with other AUTOSAR an AUTOSAR tools. The COQOS run-time environment allows the integration of AUTOSAR-compliant software components. Also can the COQOS basic software with AUTOSAR-compliant basic software modules are expanded. About OpenSynergy OpenSynergy GmbH with seat in Berlin was founded in July 2007. In addition to the development of the universal operating system COQOS Infotainment connectivity offers, and AUTOSAR OpenSynergy consulting and engineering services for software development and software architectures in the fields. The operating system COQOS allows executing infotainment and AUTOSAR applications on only a hardware using a virtualization technology. The COQOS product will be available in March 2009 in a first version. Press contact OpenSynergy GmbH Mr. Rene Drescher Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30-2018 1835-41 E-Mail:

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