Shelf Walls

After that fix poryadovke plummet and moor to poryadovke cord with inner-prichalku hand corner of the shelf. After installing the spread poryadovok beacons as ubezhnoy shtraby. Shtraba – this is a site that is laid before the break in to the resumption of work was provided by the correct ligation sutures. When attaching the cord-prichalki bracket, its pointed end into the seam hammered masonry. blunt end rests on a brick lighthouse on it and attach the cord-prichalku. The cord is not slack, enclose it under the wooden wedge thickness equal height of masonry and brick placed on top for clamping the cord.

Masonry walls of brick are as follows: 1. brick walls are laid out on 2. spread a solution of 3. spread outside of a mile. The walls and piers spread in single-row (chain) or multi-row system. Bonder series are made of a brick, regardless of the accepted system of dressing. They must lay out in the first (lower) and upper (last) series of masonry on level-edged walls.

Use half a brick in the back filling is permitted, under the windows (in malonagruzhennyh structures). All joints in the bridge, pillars, piers should be filled with a solution other than masonry vpustoshovku (not 1.5 cm). Nepolnomernye bricks (1 / 2, 1 / 4, 3 / 4) are placed side chipped off in the middle of the stack. Wall thickness is determined by the number of stacked bricks 1, 1 1 / 2, 2 bricks, etc. (Respectively 250, 380, 510 mm). Partitions do in 1 / 4 or 1 / 2 brick (65 and 120 mm). The strength of masonry depends on the strength of the solution, the location of the bricks, the thickness of the seams. The use of hollow brick and porous improves thermal properties of masonry. To make the clutch, but a solid (full) brick to be installed nepolnomerny brick – 1 / 2 brick. To do this, it cut down. Nepolnomerny brick used for the correct ligation joints, junctions, intersections of walls, vertical restraints, while laying piers and pillars. To obtain nepolnomernogo brick should: 1) on the arm kirochki note the size of a brick nepolnomernogo (four, half and trehchetverki), 2) attaching the handle to the brick, make a notch, appropriate length nepolnomernogo brick. Line of stumps of brick hammer mark blade, and then knurled kirochki first blow on the spoon on the one hand, and then another severe blow to the marked line. Strike applied perpendicular spoon, otherwise cut off the end of an oblique. If you need to split the brick along, it is first applied to the lungs through otrubki, at the end of his split with the required parts. Bricks can be cut, Using a trowel edge.


He was able to see the fine movement of the skin of the fins of his nose, also observed with scrupulous art the vibration of the humidity of the eyes after each blinking. Apparently this relation, like all, settles down, in first instances at organic levels, where these hairs-splitting of the matter reign to promote approaches or distance. Maggen also said that it had undergone the fading, not only of brings back to consciousness, but also of the own biological configuration that maintained its organism. It assured to have glimpsed a horizon of events where they were able to come together all the phenomena of the matter, somewhat scandalized by the misalignment of the coordinates weathers. It argued his surprise before the appearance of luminous runners and something similar to short cuts a little more opaque.

On the other hand, Galeazzo, noticed of certain tendency of its interlocutor to simplicity in its explanations, also decided to appeal to the level and accessible explanation, although its head had been flooded by formulas and secret combinations. Friend mine. You have managed to include/understand the two polarities that occupy to us for years. Also I. Nevertheless, not we know what there is behind the equidistant point, of the black color of the button that enters the red one and the blue one languishes, appropriately, as if outside an orphan or a drop of rain fallen on a smoky rock. In spite of this, I come near to an idea exceeds what we must wait for.

It continued saying something on the past and the future, almost in the same terms, with similar phrases, synonymous to which it had been precise to resort to avoid the encounter of similarities. The black point was considered a species of neutral level, but neither it considered necessary a test of its probability. Finally, they kept silence. Across of the door of the laboratory they listened to the drone of the conditioned air. They approached the board whose bellboys had been object of a brief reflection. On the following day, the world became an ash eddy in whose vortex, two almost aerial and translucent essences stretched and shrank as the swings of the force dragged that them. The laboratory stayed as always, while the Rodriguez and the Washingtons talked on the payment of the fortnight.

International Federacy

Moreover, in a characterization only for the professional sport, they are promoted in the country diverse Regional, State and National championships Official, all with different subdivises, IFFHS (International Federacy of History and Statistics of the Soccer (IFFHS, in English) considered the Brazilian Championship as 4 more disputed national championship of the world (IFFHS, sd). In this sizing, the great clubs of soccer are established as great generators of income, legalizing its administrative, esportivas and professional structures in organizacionais levels of great companies. By means of the commitment with ‘ ‘ passion nacional’ ‘ the gigantismo of the enterprise structure, defines an important professional in this gear: the technician, professor or trainer. For the function, or attribution detached in the previous paragraph, the soccer trainer is assisted by a commission technique, formed for a multiprofessional team of professors of physical education, nutritionists, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, assessors of the press, among others. Normally, it is the responsible one for all programming to be developed by the team and thus it must have abilities and abilities to exert these multiple functions to lead adequately its work technician-tactician with the team (Marturelli and Oliveira, 2005).

In this process, the functions of a trainer in such a way demand an ample knowledge of the modality as well as the necessity of a good communication enter the other professionals of the commission technique (Maturelli, 2002; Marturelli and Oliveira, 2005). However, Loyal (2000) it points that the fact of many trainers to be only former-players, who, when locking up the career, keep bonds with the clubs without a formation of superior education could confuse this work. Costa and Samulski (2006) This result has relation with the historical context of the Brazilian soccer. Loyal (2000) it points that it was from Decree 3,199 of 1941 that if recognized the presence of a qualified professional to work as trainer.

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