International Federacy

Moreover, in a characterization only for the professional sport, they are promoted in the country diverse Regional, State and National championships Official, all with different subdivises, IFFHS (International Federacy of History and Statistics of the Soccer (IFFHS, in English) considered the Brazilian Championship as 4 more disputed national championship of the world (IFFHS, sd). In this sizing, the great clubs of soccer are established as great generators of income, legalizing its administrative, esportivas and professional structures in organizacionais levels of great companies. By means of the commitment with ‘ ‘ passion nacional’ ‘ the gigantismo of the enterprise structure, defines an important professional in this gear: the technician, professor or trainer. For the function, or attribution detached in the previous paragraph, the soccer trainer is assisted by a commission technique, formed for a multiprofessional team of professors of physical education, nutritionists, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, assessors of the press, among others. Normally, it is the responsible one for all programming to be developed by the team and thus it must have abilities and abilities to exert these multiple functions to lead adequately its work technician-tactician with the team (Marturelli and Oliveira, 2005).

In this process, the functions of a trainer in such a way demand an ample knowledge of the modality as well as the necessity of a good communication enter the other professionals of the commission technique (Maturelli, 2002; Marturelli and Oliveira, 2005). However, Loyal (2000) it points that the fact of many trainers to be only former-players, who, when locking up the career, keep bonds with the clubs without a formation of superior education could confuse this work. Costa and Samulski (2006) This result has relation with the historical context of the Brazilian soccer. Loyal (2000) it points that it was from Decree 3,199 of 1941 that if recognized the presence of a qualified professional to work as trainer.

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