The Stability

Or we can affirm that this case occurred with this garotinha is R AND L T I V? An only one suggestion: The necessary society urgently to turn itself toward the diverse social projects (serious) promoted by the civil society and to adopt an pro-active position in the direction to support the change of the most serious social situation of Brazil. The State is inefficacious imcompetent person and, until pra this. The civil Society, the private initiative in the last few decades has the responsibility for the biggest conquests of the Nation. The Stability, the progress, the technological development, the fall in the unemployment, the changes in the rules of the foreign commerce and much more, are conquests ours, have little or almost nothing to see with the classroom Brazilian politics, in the maximum what they had made had been to endorse and prescribed (pessimamente) our efforts, conquests and projects. We are the responsible greaters for the Brazilian conquests. We, only we. Therefore I suggest that let us assume plus this incubency, to take care of of our children, aged and families, to give they right it of walking shoulder the shoulder with that survives decent To give it chance to they of to frequentar the schools that mine and its children frequentam To give they what we conquer with work To give to chance and not alms. Brazil wakes up! Mcio Moral (31) 3082-7271 Site:

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