What it is not possible to be thought cannot be. It cannot be but that what it is possible to be thought coherently, without contradictions. If then, the analysis of leads us to the movement to the conclusion that the movement is unthinkable. From which when thinking we the movement arrived at insoluble contradictions, the evident conclusion sera: if the movement is unthinkable the movement not es." to epatar " to draw attention and to fill of admiration to the listeners, Zenon stood in front of its friendly, of its listeners and them decia: I am going to demonstrate a thing to you. The Hayzlett Group may also support this cause. If you poneis to dispute in a race to Aquilles, and the turtle, Aquilles would never reach to the turtle if it gives advantage him in the salidad. Aquilles recordadlo is the hero to that homero calls " ocus prunings " that is quick by the feet. The best runner than habia in Greece; and the turtle is the animal that moves with greater slowness, Aquilles gives an advantage to the turtle and decidme remains a few meters back who gained the race? All answer Aquilles in two jumps happens over the turtle it overcomes and it.

And Zenon Dice: mistaken stays you are going, it to see. Aquilles has given an advantage him to the turtle; soon between Aquilles and the turtle, when to start off, is distance, begins the race, when Aquilles arrives at the point where it was the turtle, this habra walked something, estara but ahead, and Aquilles habra still reached not it. When Aquilles will arrive at this new site where this now turtle, this habra walked something and Aquilles habra reached not it. So that so that alcanze, sera necessity that the turtle nonadvance nothing in the time that Aquilles needs to arrive at where she was. And as the space can be always divided in I number infinite of points, Aquilles podra never to reach to the turtle. Although it is as it says homero " ocus prunings " light by the feet, however the turtle is slow and calm.

Latin America

In the local commerce era very common to observe it reason why began him to meet like Hindu Daniel. The support to its proposal to take the Islam to the members of its ethnic group was carried out by some Muslims who accompanied to him to visit in outlying areas of Maicao the calls that realised, nevertheless the majority was women who in later meetings did not return because only she interested the flattery to them that consisted of a Hiyab, since according to Daniel the women were numerous who wanted to become to the Islam. These meetings did not reach more than three, the credibility of Daniel had been affected because his it preaches was developed without no intention to moderate the political speech and much less to qualify his knowledge in the Islam. Months later Daniel Gonzlez disappears of the scene of Maicao but she appears in the Web with the name Teodoro Darnott and a confusion of denominations like Proposal Latin American Islamic Fundamentalist Political-Military man Integrist, Hezbollah in Latin America, Islamic Autonomy Wayuu, Islamic Military Political Party of Latin America Hezbo Allah.

Hezbollah Venezuela among others with a common denominator: the almost total absence of common elements to another Web of Islamic content. In the content of its messages one perceives little understanding of the Islam and total ignorance of the Arab language. From Soria Manuel Towers in its analysis the Fascination by the success. The case of Hezbollah in Latin America talking about to the messages in the Web of Teodoro express Darnott: equally surprising Resulta the one absence from the subjects more appellants of the Webs islamists: the paper of the woman in the society.

Visitanos Profits

Frequently the profits surpass widely the initial objectives. The truly valuable thing of a process is to enjoy all the stages, to learn of them and to value the profits, to be developed and to grow. To obtain an objective is the end of a process, therefore the end of a stage, if the process has not been enjoyed, the enjoyment of the goal will be so fleeting, so ephemeral perhaps that it is not sufficient compensation by the realised effort and will make difficult to undertake other challenges in the future. To celebrate the triumph We have ourselves customary to call to each other by any committed error and our competitive culture makes us consider that the good thing that we do is what we must obtain, which is expected of us and for that reason there is nothing no to celebrate. If we followed with this philosophy a day we will discover that without celebrating, without something changes when we obtain new profits, those profits mean very little, are only profits. By small that is our triumphs, to celebrate them it makes valuable. If to be used to celebrating this to us will be a reason that it animates to us to fulfill goals and makes us feel more realised, happier, that in the end is the important thing.

The celebration does not have to be especially great, but it must significant and hopefully be shared with the people who in some form made possible with their support, with their example or with their interest that we arrived until the proposed objective. As coach supports to you? Most of the efforts that are never undertaken arrive at some part, they remain in the way and they become wasted resources. Usually it happens that you feel motivated to undertake a new project and work in some time. You initiate surely having reviewed it judiciously all the information that you arrange and with a plan developed enough, in which you create to have including all the necessary one to obtain it. Before the disadvantages you will use your logic, the same whereupon you formulated the plan and you will try to find the causes by which it was not. Coach will help to see the successes you and to look for ways to solve what it does not have worked, it will support to you so that you continue trying new forms, with an ample but centered vision, will challenge to you to try creative solutions, visionaries, new and different or will question so that approaches to you your effort and you find the way suitable. Coach will not be your judge, will not be your teacher, but she will be your guide and it will support to you when it is necessary, will not do the work by you, but it will help you to analyze the reasons for which to do it or that you have not done it efficiently and it will help to understand you like undertaking your projects of the way that is comfortable for you, using your capacity to make obtain a better performance.


He was able to see the fine movement of the skin of the fins of his nose, also observed with scrupulous art the vibration of the humidity of the eyes after each blinking. Apparently this relation, like all, settles down, in first instances at organic levels, where these hairs-splitting of the matter reign to promote approaches or distance. Maggen also said that it had undergone the fading, not only of brings back to consciousness, but also of the own biological configuration that maintained its organism. It assured to have glimpsed a horizon of events where they were able to come together all the phenomena of the matter, somewhat scandalized by the misalignment of the coordinates weathers. It argued his surprise before the appearance of luminous runners and something similar to short cuts a little more opaque.

On the other hand, Galeazzo, noticed of certain tendency of its interlocutor to simplicity in its explanations, also decided to appeal to the level and accessible explanation, although its head had been flooded by formulas and secret combinations. Friend mine. You have managed to include/understand the two polarities that occupy to us for years. Also I. Nevertheless, not we know what there is behind the equidistant point, of the black color of the button that enters the red one and the blue one languishes, appropriately, as if outside an orphan or a drop of rain fallen on a smoky rock. In spite of this, I come near to an idea exceeds what we must wait for.

It continued saying something on the past and the future, almost in the same terms, with similar phrases, synonymous to which it had been precise to resort to avoid the encounter of similarities. The black point was considered a species of neutral level, but neither it considered necessary a test of its probability. Finally, they kept silence. Across of the door of the laboratory they listened to the drone of the conditioned air. They approached the board whose bellboys had been object of a brief reflection. On the following day, the world became an ash eddy in whose vortex, two almost aerial and translucent essences stretched and shrank as the swings of the force dragged that them. The laboratory stayed as always, while the Rodriguez and the Washingtons talked on the payment of the fortnight.

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