For A Friend

Start again, how many times we dream, and we are undertaking great adventures, and everything comes out beautifully, but they are just chimeras. As a movie that I saw the other days; the girl says goodbye to everyone climbs into the car, and with images give you to understand that it is released to start his new life full of mysteries and expectations. Obviously in films not weighs leave affections when it comes to live your life. I think it is so hypothetical, though we want to achieve new things is very difficult to leave our affections. Many people who have traveled in search of better opportunities have done to precisely make way for his own or provide them with an opportunity for a better life, through remittances so common today. Sentences passed by them, do not come to us, but it is not as easy as show you movies. Nor is it easy to start a new life, even without leaving your home. When anything of our daily family routine changes, we suffer an adaptation, sometimes some are easier than others, and it is clear, more bearable when you have a shoulder where to rest.

What happens when new life is precisely, the lack of the shoulder where comfort you. That we feel when we are victims of abandonment, which perhaps was giving little by little and not saw it reach or that it was abrupt. Solitude fit just blow accompanied by an infinite sadness. We look around and nothing, nothing where sketch something resembling a smile. Lack the source and the destination. Many things can make us to feel alive again, but as much as we love our children, we have friends, we lack a love. I repeatedly take this subject, not only because it is the theme that I chose to write in this blog, but by the sincerity with which I feel that no one should live without a great love.

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