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Amazingly, almost all movies about gangsters have a romantic touch. As well as the tragic finale. It is certain immutable rules, upon which is built any new crime tape. Not escaped this fate and another French epic "Enemy of the State number 1", which tells real gangster Jacques Mesrine existed, who hunted in the 60-70s of the last century in France, Canada, the United States, Spain and uk. Acuity adds that the film was made on the basis of a book written by Jacques. In short, things that catch the attention of future viewers of the movie enough, long before the release of a wide release.

and This is what happened as a result "Enemy of the State number 1. Part One. The beginning. " Have served their time in Algeria, Jacques Mesrin returned to his hometown. The service did not pass without a trace and integrate into normal life becomes for our Hero daunting task. Come to the aid of friends for whom burglary and robbery are not uncommon. Starting with the mundane burglary, Mesrin gradually switched over to a bank robbery and kidnapping of billionaires.

Beside him constantly are beautiful women, one of which he even marries. Periodic his release in prison, parents, wife and three children, none of this can make Jacques turn off the road that leads straight to hell. and reason for this one – a thirst for popularity. After all, popular to die a lot easier and more fun, disagree? Another person raised from the ashes to make her a hero, or antihero, as given.

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