Agency Commission

Pricing for rental housing available at all the same. Any, reputable real estate company takes a commission for services rendered in a rate of 100% of the monthly rent for an apartment. The high price for the service agency due to the situation prevailing in the market rent of residential property. Consider all the factors that shape the real estate commission. Real estate. First of all, it's operations and real estate transactions.

A property in the capital, as everyone knows, is itself expensive. Contacting Customer dozens of real estate agencies – at the same time. Rare customer bother to choose one worthy of his attention on the rental agency and will work only with him, trusting him to specialists. Most clients apply for real estate agencies at 5-7. It turns out that working with the client all the agencies and services will be paid only to one agency. That is 6 out of 7 professionals for their work will receive nothing.

Agency specialists Rent "Adelia" recommends that you select one, but a good agency for renting, and confidently, calmly trusting his Agency and specialist work only with him. There will be more the result and less spent with the nerve agents from numerous agencies, who will feel the competition, and therefore seek all possible and impossible ways (not always ethical) populate the Customer. The conditionality of the application client. Clients of estate agents often leave the application to rent such a plan, "Need one bedroom apartment to rent for a family of 5 people and a cat with a parrot." Requirements flat: that was pure and repair under "Euro", neither the first nor the last floor, homeowners that have been good.

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