Cia Valley

Still in the industrial segment significant increase of relative participation occurred enters 1999 the 2003, and later the activity it presented has taken reduction in the production, very inexpressiva that would not fit effort for explains it. How much to the sector of services, two aspects are notables. The first one is the strong fall of the activity enters 1999 the 2003 and small recovery in the participation of the sector in 2008, however very on this side of the 1999 performance. 1.3OS TEN BIGGER CITIES IN TERMS OF The GIP As criteria of aggregate classification had been identified the ten cities that had presented the biggest values of the GIP for the years of 1999, 2003 and 2008, in economic terms these had been the biggest prominences of the State. The following analysis identifies the productive dynamic, the relative participation of the economic sectors in the municipal composition of the gross domestic product and the activities of bigger prominence in the unit. Ranking of the main cities in the generation of wealth in the state of Par offers a crucial qualitative analysis, he is possible to identify with this information processes of productive desconcentrao and the sprouting of new economic polar regions, or same the loss of hegemony of traditional centers or priority in the economy of the State for areas with abundance of resources, strategical localization, logistic infrastructure, among others. In this analysis what it is observed between periods it is that great changes with regard to the PIBs greaters of the State had not occurred, in the truth with small alternations in the classification order, nine identified cities of the ten in the year of 1999, continue if keeping it enters the biggest products of the economy, the exception is on account of the city of Cana of the Carajs that presented fort dynamism, but the great changes had happened in function of Copper the commercial Ore exploration for the Cia Valley of the River Candy from July of 2003. .

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