School Calling Lives

Many parents complain that the parents meetings of and master go to, or take care of to the invocations of the school to always hear the same thing on its children: it does not make the tasks, not delivery works, does not have notebook in sequence, it does not bring material, it forgets books frequently, it provokes the others, it disturbs the lessons, it talks the time all, it sleeps, etc. It enters year, it leaves year and the picture does not modify. You already put of punishment, already she took off its belongings, she hindered already it to leave with the friends, already she contracted particular professors and nothing dumb. Perhaps either the hour to understand that its son necessary of a multiprofessional evaluation. The normal one is the child to learn, exactly that in different rhythms, but one or two red until is considered common, had this rhythm, but to oppose to learn it cannot be considered normal. Exactly that its son makes everything in the computer, plays videogames with sufficient ability does not mean that it does not have learning difficulties. The computer does not serve as parameter for this type of difficulty, therefore it has a very great power to fascinate and guarantees the attention of any person. The user of a computer creates for it one ‘ ‘ hiperfoco’ ‘ , that is, it has in it the motivation necessary to pass hours of it ahead, therefore the visual stimulatons are interminable and the brain has more easiness in if concentrating in these stimulatons.

In the school, the situation is another one. It has a chalk blackboard, a book, a notebook and a mount of people pra to attract its attention. If the child presents attention deficit, it will not obtain to arrest itself to the book, nor to the blackboard, neither to the teacher for more than 2 or 3 minutes. The school must direct these pupils for one psicopedagogo that it will make the preliminary tests and it will distribute the remaining portion of the analyses between the fonoaudilogo, the occupational therapist, the psychologist and even though the neurologist. We do not have simply to tax the pupil of bagunceiro, sluggish, without analyzing a general context. We must abide the questions of the type: It has how much time it brings this mount of red notes? How he was this pupil in basic education I? It is neglect the time all? It is impossible to keep seated it? He is disorganized? He loses the things frequently? He is aptico? If its son corresponds to some of these questions you needs helps it with urgency, therefore it can be suffering very with its failure pertaining to school! One remembers, if a young one if finds incapable, has its auto one esteem destroyed for the pertaining to school results and nothing it is made by it, it will finish if becoming a dependent, unsafe adult, with difficulties in leaving to look a job, or same with problems in remaining itself in this job and will bring much suffering for its life and family.

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