Paraphrasing Cordiolli

Finally, proper Pablo Freire appeals itself to it to strengthen the agreement of the term dialogue. The dialogue, in the truth cannot be made responsible by the distorted use that of it if makes. For its pure imitation or its caricature. The dialogue cannot be become into one ' ' it beats-papo' ' unobligated perhaps that it marches to the taste of between professor or the teacher and educandos. The pedagogical dialogue in such a way implies the content or cognoscvel object around that it turns how much the exposition on it made by the educator or educator for the educandos (FREIRE 1997, p.118 cited by ZITKOSKI, 2007, p.48). this thinker still strengthens this study saying that ' ' the severity cientfico' ' it does not only appear in the quiet privacy of books, but it can elapse of the reflexiva and critical relation with the others. thus, the relation educator, educating and object of the narrow knowledge, allowing the achievement of the conscientizadora action. The professor can use the classroom, as much for the dialogue, as for the debate or the indoctrination.

indoctrination is exemplificada in the film ' ' Onda' ' , where the professor simulates one practical nazista where pupils follow its ideas until the professor loses the control. From there the investigation: you teach, or pass its ideology? (HAPPINESS, 2010, P. 32) In the classroom guideline for the dialogue that constructs the knowledge or for the simple transmission of the knowledge? It is known that the educative process is not neutral, then is necessary that if it plans, thinking about the pupil as a citizen that learns beyond the content that the professor objective develops, following the ideological route that is for backwards of the propagated contents. 4Mapas Conceptual Another important contribution in the management of the classroom is the conceptual maps. Paraphrasing Cordiolli (2009, P.

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