Forest Health

The PLANET AND the MAN Who is the Hostage? In the current social context the world lives crisis moments that are perceived in diverse sectors: in the social or personal field. We know that the land exists has millions of years and was always populated by its inhabitants, being pensantes or not, they are inhabitants. But, the man with its ambition and vanity transform the nature and he destroys it thus contributing with the extinguishing of existing the animal species and all life in the planet. In this it compromises our health, therefore we start to breathe and to coexist all the happened pollution of this transformation. The falling of trees of forests, the forest fires, everything this pra that? to construct a Forest of Rock. One of the main actions of the man who comes affecting all the nature is the emission of pollutant gases in the atmosphere (' ' The pollutant gases are those produced, mainly, for the burning of: fsseis fuels (gasoline and oil diesel), organic residues (lixos) and forest vegetation. These gases absorb part of the infra-red radiation emitted for the Land, favoring and effect greenhouse and the heating global.' ' We can cite as main pollutant gases of the atmosphere the carbon dioxide, per fluorcarbonetos, hidro fluorcarbonetos, gas methane and nitrous oxide.) This provokes the call global heating beyond causing an incalculable addition of problems in the health of the people, this affects all the vegetal and animal life planetary existing in the biosfera.

The industrial development is the main landmark of the transformation fomented for the man. The benefits are as much that if were elencados would occupy lines and more lines of a sheet of paper. Such inventos ones very contribute in the development of the countries, improve the health the education, among others, everything are fruits of the industrial development, that is wonderful in the direction to improve the way where we live and the quality of life of the people.

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