Long Forks Again Available

Pallet trucks with special lengths, tried and tested technology Corp, March 11, 2010 – judge special, supplier of transportation equipment has from immediately pallet trucks with special lengths 800, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm forks available from stock. The low-cost pallet truck are CE, TuV / GS tested and intended for long-term continuous use in industry and production. The robust fork-lift trucks have a monocoque compartment torsion-free and are RAL 2002 plastic coated, but easy in handling. The lift trucks have a capacity of 2.0 tons, hard chrome-plated Qualitatshydrauliken and are equipped with tandem polyurethane fork rollers as standard. Of 210 steering angle an easy and safe maneuvering allows while the fork tips running-in role to the easy pallet handling. The operator of a reliable operation and energy-saving use, which allows a productive benefit thanks to proven technology. Judge delivers high-quality transport equipment all kinds of storage and logistics. These include E.g.

fork-lift trucks, weighing trucks, sack BARROW and crate cart, heavy duty trolley 1000 kg load capacity and other lifting and lifting devices. The other product range include floor scales, industrial scales, which can also be supplied in explosion protected design and industrial scales from German production. In addition to standard articles, also demanding complete and individual solutions are realized according to customer requirements. With products by judges can be optimally as well as ergonomically internal material flows and business processes.

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