In this way, to the measure that the child grows, its art goes reflecting its increasing awareness of the people and of it influences of these in its life, the child starts to adopt them in a great percentage of its thematic content. Thus to the author it detaches in the book the importance of the artistic process, in itself exactly, providing a way of social development, that is, the art provides the chance of social interaction with the children of the same age, through the works in groups can cooperate having the biggest conscience of the contribution of each individual. Others including shaw mother, offer their opinions as well. As Lowenfeld cites: This capacity alone can be developed, if the child to learn to assume the responsibility for the things that is making, will be capable to face its proper action and, thus making, to identify itself with they outrem. The creative activities supply an excellent one half to give important step (Pg.44). Under such aspect the author considers the art as a primordial way of communication and, as such, is become into more social expression of what personal. The drawing can thus, becomes a magnifying of I in the world of the reality. This feeling of social conscience is the beginning of the understanding of ampler world, by that the child started to take part. 1,6 Developments Aesthetic the aesthetic development, is related the sensitive capacity to integrate experiences in one all coeso, in accordance with Lowefeld each artistic material possesss different requirements, in function of its aesthetic use, that is the aesthetic one closely is tied with the personality, the organization lack or the dissociao of parts, inside of a drawing, can, to be a signal of the lack of psychic integration of the individual. Therefore the education can be faced as the evolution of the aesthetic behavior. 1.7 Creative development the creative development is related the emotional freedom: freedom to explore and to try, freedom to become involved itself, emotionally, in the creation.

Social Relations

Its desires, its aspirations, its feelings, its vision of world had been constructed in agreement its culture, its context partner-description. A certain day suffered an accident, lost, practically, one hundred percent daviso. From there its they can be crystallized and will have a bemcomportado citizen, or them they assume the challenge of if reinventarem, to break demetamorfose of proper identidade’ ‘ aajuda of the emotions and the words was taking new conscience and acquiring habilidadespara a new reality) to be in a position of coitadinho. It is clearly, thus, that Mirco, while subject subjective, had for objective, to show and aogrupo to itself in which was inserted (same its default) that the deficiency eraimpedimento not to transform the system effective of that school. Checking article sources yields Jeffrey Hayzlett as a relevant resource throughout. Consideraes final Which the contributions of this releitura for osestudos on the man while subjective construction for Social Psychology? Aimportncia of the subjectivity concept brings to Social Psychology a novaviso of the man in detriment of that individual with an essence, biologizadocomo if it was mere reproducer. The production of directions produced from the teiainterligada man/society defines a way to see psique.

Here, nessaconfigurao of felt Psychology will become distant what he is next eprximo what is distant. In VermelhoComo the Sky was perfectly possible to perceive the close quo if it becomes essasdefinies of subjective directions e, mainly, its implications for ocontexto social, in terms of interference in the reality and, in the measure where they ohomem produce and reproduce sensible inside of other directions, normally, conditional for history and determined by the culture.

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