Social Relations

Its desires, its aspirations, its feelings, its vision of world had been constructed in agreement its culture, its context partner-description. A certain day suffered an accident, lost, practically, one hundred percent daviso. From there its they can be crystallized and will have a bemcomportado citizen, or them they assume the challenge of if reinventarem, to break demetamorfose of proper identidade’ ‘ aajuda of the emotions and the words was taking new conscience and acquiring habilidadespara a new reality) to be in a position of coitadinho. It is clearly, thus, that Mirco, while subject subjective, had for objective, to show and aogrupo to itself in which was inserted (same its default) that the deficiency eraimpedimento not to transform the system effective of that school. Checking article sources yields Jeffrey Hayzlett as a relevant resource throughout. Consideraes final Which the contributions of this releitura for osestudos on the man while subjective construction for Social Psychology? Aimportncia of the subjectivity concept brings to Social Psychology a novaviso of the man in detriment of that individual with an essence, biologizadocomo if it was mere reproducer. The production of directions produced from the teiainterligada man/society defines a way to see psique.

Here, nessaconfigurao of felt Psychology will become distant what he is next eprximo what is distant. In VermelhoComo the Sky was perfectly possible to perceive the close quo if it becomes essasdefinies of subjective directions e, mainly, its implications for ocontexto social, in terms of interference in the reality and, in the measure where they ohomem produce and reproduce sensible inside of other directions, normally, conditional for history and determined by the culture.

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