The minimum amount to begin to receive is of 10 Euros, once alcacnes esea amount, you will have in your user area instructions precise to ask for the payment. Any user of Hispanic speech can register itself in Sumaclicks, although at the moment majority of publicity campaigns is oriented Spanish users and will be these those that receive more amount of post office. Even so, if you are not Spanish, always you can registrarte and create a network of referred that little is to you generating income, and the day that more send mails to other countries, the income will multiply. The best thing of Sumaclicks Sumaclicks has been born does very little! consequently the possibilities of obtaining referred are infinite, in addition it counts on one of the best referred programs of. How to obtain referred? In order to be able to generate income interesting it is necessary to be able referred, and for it several methods exist, each can use the one that it likes more, to use them all, to use its creativity to create new methods, etc. – To invite to relatives and friendly. The first that is happened to us and easiest thing is to invite to friendly relatives and to Sumaclicks. They are the people who we have nearer and with whom we more like to share the gains.

– To be united to a chain of referred. For me, it is better way to begin to obtain referred. Nothing is lost, instead of registrarte by your account, regstrate comprising referred of some chain of so that it provides some to you referred extra. – Promotion in social networks. Without falling in the Spam, you can send your invitation of SumClicks to your friendly and contacts of Facebook, Tuenti, MySpace, etc. Of this form you can arrive quickly at many people.

United States

Inpsicon: Which are the countries that look for this type of financing the International? And which are those that more resources have destined for support? Julieta Busts: Generally the countries of the Third World, and as we have so many problems we are one of the countries that more aid has. But the list of countries that are prepared to help is headed by Spain, that is one of the countries that interference in this type of aid and that sense has enough then or we would enter to see that for example the AECI (Spanish Agency of Cooperation the International) that sends calls and these they are made generally in the first trimester of every year and or in the following trimester which becomes is to make pursuit of the projects and the allocations become. Another country that helps much is Japan and there we would find abbreviation also JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency); the USAID (United States for Agency International Cooperation) that is the aid that comes from the United States. Of all ways we can enter the finders starting off to look for Decentralized Cooperation of Development. Pemco understood the implications. To to issue that order search you find listings there and you can look for in relation to the subject that works. Inpsicon: How it is the financial contribution that offers the favored projects? Julieta Busts: Good, in this point no international organization or of aid gives the 100% of the project, generally give to 80%, then the other 20% rest would be obtained or with the contributions of the same organization (the applicant) that is to say, we put, for example, three civil servants and have the infrastructure and that does 20% and the other 80% give to the organization donor it. In some cases, one is that you applied to a call and in that call they give only 20% you or then 30% what one does is to obtain co-financing until completing the 100% of the resources that are needed. .

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