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A well-formulated question should have the following characteristics: is action-oriented, directs the mind to the future, asks what, for what or how, but never, it is goal-oriented and contains powerful assumptions, these presuppositions must point out that our son is valuable and that it will meet each task that is proposed with success. Are examples of powerful questions that we can rehearse with them: what you think of what you just did? What you need to have your orderly room? What will do after you’ve finished your homework? Other ways may have to make you wear well with your brothers? How you will manage enjoy yourself more when we leave for a walk on Sunday? How you will feel when you deliver your excellent grades at school? Do you think that you are studying much? But the main thing, before apply coaching techniques in our children is essential to accept them and recognize them as they are, it will be the main asset that counted to succeed throughout his life, will that help us as parents to achieve empathy (rapport), based on unconditional love. Remember that what do not teach you with love, life teach him with pain. Needless to say that all training process involves placing limits, but we must be clear of mark them without hurting them or destroying their self-esteem. Before misconduct, we have the opportunity to correct it with love, emphasizing a strong sanction directly related to such conduct, without verbal or physically assaulted.

Also in well known that overprotection in children not lead to anything good, instead fill them of fears and insecurities which we will help them meet the challenges that impose them life. All parents who formed successful children believed that their children were able to achieve what you propose. When love without Overprotecting you start to open the doors of success. There he begins coaching for life.

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