Losses And Profits

They had hugged how many me and they pressed my hand fulling, me of pride making, to feel me the such, without equal, until they had taken a scare. The truth is that I discovered that the persistence excessively is idiotice, the years pass and there the oldness arrives, and the repentance comes, yes it exists and there already he was believes. They do not try to understand, because it is not treated to understand, is treated never to give up and yes each one to make its part. Connect with other leaders such as Rod Brooks here. Yes mystery or secret does not exist, because the hour arrives where you need to risk. Vocs can think that I only lost, but vocs if they are deceptive, because the times in the life when it is lost are there that you earn. Yes I lost and God knows how much I lost, but God also knows how much I earned and while I will have this soft skin and this saliva candy to enjoy, I will forget my past and my unexpected action, I will keep my past in the subconscious mind and will adormecerei what already he passed. Shaw father will not settle for partial explanations. July of 2008

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