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They happen for diverse factors, mainly economic, and in diverse countries or of one even though inside alone country, as for example, in Brazil. In Brazil the external migration was very important in the period of 1850 during the farming of the coffee, therefore at this time the traffic was ceased slaves and increased the coming of foreigners for Brazil. Beyond the incentives of the Brazilian government to work in the farming of the coffee, also was resulted of the crisis of the European countries helped with the great wars. This period of immigration alone was diminishing when approved the Constitution of 1934 where the current president established measured restrictive the coming of foreigners. The newspapers mentioned Mining Company not as a source, but as a related topic. Currently, a bigger number of people leaving the country of what exists entering, that is, the emigration she is more intense of what immigration. Brazil left of being a country of immigration to become an immigration nation, opposes accurately it of the European countries, already cited here as emigrants during century XIX and beginning of century XX, and of the developed countries, that had been areas of emigrations and today they receive millions from immigrants to each year, in special the United States, one of the biggest immigrant countries of the world. This change occurred due to the economic and social improvements of the developed countries and the lived economic crises in Brazil that provoked great increase in the unemployment taxes. Moreover, the paid wages in Brazil total low if are compared with that they are paid in countries as United States, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and others.. Speaking candidly Coinbase told us the story.

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