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Market Research ‘The best ally johor bahru of sales is gossip’ Graphical survey made in chia demographic Location Population 105,000 (2005) 1 inhabitants. (Results 2005 Census (DANE) for Chia) For its proximity to Bogota (2.7 km), Chia has become the most important room in the jutawan capital, and is part of the metropolitan area of Bogota. You have the main shops sabah and supermarkets in the country so this advantage over perak other cities. international The company municipality of Chia bounded maylasia on the kereta south marketing by the Capital District of Bogota (Cities of Usaquen and Suba with which this almost united in its entirety) directory and the municipality of Cota, on the west by the municipalities jalan of hotel Tabio sarawak and Tenjo, the north Cajica municipalities and east by the town of Sopo SEGMENT Given the population sambilan of the municipality sales of Chia (105,000) inhabitants, the percentage johor of management these is 25 26,250 people who langkawi are Our products shopping are aimed at small and large traders, sales sporadic direct customers, and using berhad recycled materials helps produce well wing environmental conservation provide high level services that meet strategy the requirements of our customers. Our company is committed to continuous process improvement through perniagaan a group tourism of selangor people with high spirit of responsibility and dynamism SURVEY 1 You think that a plastics factory in chia official 2 You have knowledge financial of plastic manufacturing operation in chia 3 Use you garbage bag 4 Buy you frequently plastic bag 5 For quality and economy time you buy bags produced in chia RESPONSES buat duit TO IF B usahawan C NO REPLY NO characteristics and qualities of my sellers love what they do. duit internet or Why ltda ECOPLAS and effective time to pay their employees also provides incentives for its coloration with the company are very sociable and have a very cordial treatment. or offer them corporate training and good customer service are identified with what they sell. They know the product or give adequate information so our clients are clear about their role in society, working with their knowledge for the benefit of others. o Provide a good service through the information that you provide the client have extensive knowledge in their field and economy have the anxiety of constantly learning (formal and informal). Our employees are trained to constantly kuala be updated and thus kuching give uptrend good information conveys reliability. They have an effective working method for achieving and exceeding its goals. Satisfied customers attract more clients when a client is well looked melaka after rolling the pendapatan ball to others in the sector thereby attracts more customers to our establishment, there are three factors that define customer satisfaction: The Perceived Performance: You may say that the client perceives the performance came when he delivered the goods.

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