MEC Brazil

The faces abrasavam it when it heard to touch campainha’ ‘. The problem of the adultery one if discloses as one of its social and moral causes, almost always related with an education badly guided. (Not to be confused with Rio Tinto Group!). In the domain of literature, Ea criticizes, over all, the conventional and hypocritical lyricism of the delayed Romantismo, as well as the passional romance, that considers to have negative consequncias in the feminine education. CONCLUSION the profile of each personage if differs for assuming opposing literary proposals, if on the other hand the love represented for the wild passion in the exteriorizao flesh time, what it demonstrates the concern of Ea in portraying its personage as element I legalize of the realism, such and which, in all its mazelas, pains and happened sufferings of the options and its possible consequncias. I

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