Why the famous models always go well in the photos? Most of the models have taken and assayed postures when it comes to perform his casting of models and posing in front of photographers. Some of the tricks to exit favoured in the photos are: * Parate upright, but not stiff. Your neck must be stretched, Chin slightly pulled forward, open shoulders and the abdomen inwards. ** If you carry your shoulders back a little, your breasts will look better. * Located one leg forward and the other a little backwards, so your legs look longer.

The knees should be slightly bent and toes pointing forward. * You roccioso thinner if you rotate one shoulder 3/4 toward the front. * Low Chin slightly and pushing the head forward. * Looks towards the camera, flirts with the camera, imagine that it is someone that you like. * Leave your arms free, without grabbing purses or objects with their hands, if you do that your fingers are the more stretched as possible. * Smiles slightly or adopts a suggestive and provocative look. * Attempts to highlight your strong point (eyes, mouth, hair, chest, shoulders, legs, depending on the type of approach made whole body, 3/4 body, half-length, bust, face, or face 3/4) * practice constantly front of a mirror until you find your profile and best poses, the models not born as well, they have learned in schools of models, so practice and before what you think you will be a pro posing. Tricks to look thinner using the clothes all know that there are clothes that favors them more than other, but sometimes are not aware of what they buy and get carried away by the latest trends, even knowing that those clothes feel them very badly. Here are some tricks that will make them look thinner: * look at the positive side.

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