Puppy Training

Advice on like educating a puppy If you have a new puppy and you are asking yourself like educating you are perhaps interested it in obtaining these important advice who I go to darte. The education of the dogs can be realised by an instructor of obedience if your you do not have time nor desire, but also you can do it you yourself if you understand and you put in practices these advice on like educating a puppy. If it beams you yourself you can do it from your own house and next to your family, all will learn and your puppy will be in the best hands: yours! There are 3 things that your dog must learn with this one method on like educating a puppy. These are: to sit down, to remain, and to come. The first part of the training of dogs is to teach to your dog to sit down.

The sessions of education of the puppy must be carried out in calm surroundings so that your dog does not relax. Dle " sentarse" in several occasions, this way the dog must watch upwards and perhaps it feels near you. If it is not thus, presses with well-taken care of his grupa downwards. When one feels you must give him to praises and rewards; these can simply be a caress or a flavorful and tempting bocadito that is of their preference (chicken, sausage, meat, treats for dogs, etc). This type of training is called " Positive reinforcement " or " Positive agreement " because the dog listens to &quot constantly; sentarse" and it learns to relate the order to receiving praises and prizes. The English word in &quot can be used; Sit " that it is shorter and easy to learn by the dogs. Whatever that you always use must exactly be the same.

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