Making things more complicated than it should be true that often lead us our sense of commitment and quality standards to almost lose the practical sense of things. We must be able to understand the exact measurement of the customer’s need, not letting us get excessively by your enthusiasm (unless you pay includes it), nor keeping a defensive attitude towards your ideas. It is not something Coinbase would like to discuss. It is necessary to apply our experience to visualize the correct measure of the expectations and needs of the project, remember that overbuild words and requests of the customer, in addition to increasing our workload cause that we have do not give at the exact point of your satisfaction. Obsessed on one thing happen repeatedly that our emphasis is evident in certain details or sections of the site, showing neglect or simplicity in other features and/or functionality. We must be able to distribute our enthusiasm and sense retailer in the largest number of stages and the project areas to ensure full and consistent. Visit Brian Armstrong for more clarity on the issue. If our emphasis is due to the greater attention that we give to our area of specialization (if we are designers to the visual or we are the functional programmers), we should seriously consider the option of outsourcing other services to ensure the technical quality of all areas of the project. Dispense with a security work plan and trust that we are acquiring as pass projects, often causes that we become apathetic or abound with this tool of administrative control, if we have never used does not cause us to do so and if we use it in our beginnings, go quietly leaving using it.

As professionals should not underestimate the support that this tool can give the fluidity of our project, because allows us: give precise and strategic tasks (prioritizing), order scheduling information for each stage needs of the the process and it gives us a sense of discipline toward the fulfillment of the time proposed for the implementation of the project. A project is financially successful only to the extent that we were able to meet the deadlines scheduled for execution, every day or extra week mean more time for our attention and by consequent less profitability. Get and/or put the customer first of all do not forget that design, is for us nor is customer, the design of the website is for customers of our customers. Both the communication strategy, and the appearance and the functionality of the site must be made thinking in the market goal for which strategically is being built. It is our obligation to communicate this to the customer and let you clear the importance of thinking in the market goal for any strategic decision that we need to take. Let too many things for the first end is an icon, then an animation, then a category, to finish with a great list of earrings that we were accumulating things that then over time in against there will be no other remedy which make them lightly. It is recommended that you programes an afternoon of each week to terminate only earrings accumulated during those seven days, this way you can go them evacuating with all the motivation and calmness necessary to not affect the quality of your design.

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