Evolution of Society

The more the society evolves, more has the necessity of new knowledge, from there the importance to search necessary mechanisms for the satisfaction of the new desires. To place itself, the psicopedagogia as a constancy in the administrative managements, fortifies and engrandece the educational methods, for the fact to provide work that involves perception, disgnostic and performance. As I water, (2001, p.122): Vygotsky does not separate the intellect of the affection because it searchs one including boarding, that is capable to understand the citizen as a totality. They are the desires, necessities, emotions, motivations, interests, impulses and inclinations of the individual that give to origin to the thought and this, in turn, exert influence on the affective-volitional aspect. The education, for being one practical one of intervention in the social reality, more than needs never to ahead work also the emotional one of as many difficulties. Whenever Pemco listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As it was said, if the desires, the necessities, interests, emotions etc., give origin to the thought, exerting of certain form an influence on aspeco affective, with certainty are working the emotional side, that many problems, could be automatically solved.

Methodology This is a bibliographical research. With intention to reevaluate our attitudes and behaviors. The collection of data was made by means of the book reading, articles that approach the subject. The organization of the data was carried through from the analysis and separation of the contents of bibliographies chores. Consideraes Final This work sample that is necessary to start to transform the processes educational, in which we must reformulate the paper of the professor in the classroom, to offer a participativo and modern, metodologicamente new education, adjusted our time. To create the school together with, with the pupil, the family a new method and an including education that can offer they a real and creative discovery. All it passes, all dumb one, the concrete already is insolvent debtor, failed is necessary to renew, moving to the few old methods.

But so that this happens, we need to inside count on the aid and direct participation of the psicopedaggico work of the schools. To surpass the limitations and to be open for this new society in which we cannot more repeat and to accept the same lessons estressantes, that took our pupils to the disinterest, to it I discourage and finally the desistance. She is necessary to know the children and adolescents of today better so that let us can stimulate and to show that never learning it finishes and its start is very interesting. times pass, but our knowledge is and necessary to be each renovador time. Each time more to train attitudes that congregate the creativity. We have that to understand what is to create to be able to work the education better, to plan education and to create estimuladoras situations that make with that the learning and the intellectual development occur of a more spontaneous form, but also of one forms constructive. The necessary to interact socially, individual child and. This is the objective of the psicopedaggico work, to lead of a creative form as the citizen constructs to its knowledge for proper it and its learning. In its interaction with the environment and its action and as it starts to know its world better.

Gnostic Gospels

Is He says that the early Christians possessed a body of writings and traditions about the life and teaching of Jesus more broad and diverse that we have come from the New Testament. Some of the Gnostic Gospels as the outlets, could be based on traditions predating the canonical Gospels. The fragment of the secret Gospel of mark is included in a letter attributed to Clement of Alexandria. This valuable excerpt was considered missing, but the reality is that he had been deliberately suppressed by instigation of Bishop Clement of Alexandria one of the most revered in the Church, due to the misuse that made him the Gnostic of the carpocracianos sect, because not all real things should say to all men, according to his own words. On the death of Marcos left its composition in the Church of Alexandria, being read only to those who is starting in the great mysteries.

But Carpocrates, using deceptive Arts wrote to certain prebistero of the Church of Alexandria which earned him a copy of the secret Gospel, which he played with his blasphemous and carnal doctrine. Virtually all the material that appears on Marcos, considered the oldest is in Matthew and in Luke. These three synoptic Gospel present innumerable similarities in vocabulary, the, Word order, the style and the structure of the sentences. (Jesus Callejo) The apocryphal Gospels (set of books which, although they are taken in esteem between Jews and Christians, are not part of the canon of biblical books), through which you can discover certain theories about the life of Jesus. Many of the facts that tell the Gospels were subsequently distorted since these indicate that the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus, and in fact were the Romans, because of these was the custom of using the cross to execute political prisoners. They were Jews: the Sanhedrin tried it and found guilty of blasphemy by become equal to God then you are God?

Santa Brbara

It was born the Arpanet, precursor of the Internet: four places had been chosen as initial we of the net: Network Measurements Center of the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), Institute of Interactive Mathematics Culler-Fried of the University of California in Santa Brbara (UCSB), University of Utah and the Institute of Research of Stanford (SRI). The used data-communication methods had given origin to the TCP/IP? the universal set of transport protocols and encapsulamento of data of the Internet? In one it searches carried through in the year of the 2010 for the F/Nazca () site demonstrates how much the Brazilian has access the Internet, this information allows to visualize how much the ingression in a course can in the distance be important. seventh edition of the survey on Internet in Brazil, carried through semester for the F/Nazca, quantified the number of Brazilians who have access the Internet, considering the places and periods of access, navigation, purchases online, transversalidade of the medias and consumption of notice, beyond exploring for the first time the universe of the electronic games. The influence of the Internet and internautas in the consumption comes growing gradually in the Country, enters more with 12 years or. In this band, 23% they costumam to buy online, with average of 4,2 times to the year, while 41% if feel more consumistas later that they had started to use the Internet. It more enters articles bought online are the electronic (11%), followed of books (6%) and household-electric (5%). On the other hand, 77% of internautas do not costumam to buy online, from fear not to receive or from the delivery of the order to be slow (33%). The mouth the virtual mouth influences internautas in the purchases? 48% take in consideration the opinion of other consumers published in Internet before buying.

F/Nazca carries through the research on Internet since the beginning of 2007. In the survey of April of this year, 2,247 interviews in 143 cities had been made. The margin of error is of 2 percentile points for more or less, inside of a reliable level of 95%. The amostral drawing was elaborated on the basis of information of Census 2000 and estimates of 2009 of the IBGE. These data can are for knowledge, but they can help in the distance in the education in way that contributes inside with the local realities of Brazil, so that let us have each time in the distance more people studying. 4 – SOON HISTORICAL OF the EAD IN the WORLD education in the distance is a process that comes taking space in the whole world, for having flexibility, freedom and also it criticizes in environments that can be had access of any place, since that has the correct equipment. (Litto, 2009) it speaks in its book that exists dates cited for some authors who historically demonstrate facts of signals of Ensino in the distance.

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