Electronic Delivery Allows Automation In The Goods Receipt

Fritz Gruppe automated with the SCM solution by EURO-LOG input goods for Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Hallbergmoos-Munchen, 21 June 2012 as contract logistics the Fritz Gruppe the quality in the goods receipt at the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) sustainably optimised. With a supply chain management solution from EURO-LOG, notified the Fritz Gruppe goods deliveries for Heidelberg and electronic delivery notes generated on basis of paper documents of suppliers. Deliveries can be associated in the goods on the basis of the notification now 100 percent. The complete mapping of the supplied goods requires providing the goods input data in advance in electronic form. Delivery note creation by clicking the delivery notes generated the Fritz forwarding using a software solution by EURO-LOG. The relevant orders from the SAP system from Heidelberg to play into the system of the Fritz group. The Fritz Gruppe must only the delivery note positions on the paper slips of suppliers via the Web-based software by EURO-LOG with the orders from Heidelberg to match. Fritz group employees can select the suppliers easily mouse click based on predetermined thing numbers keys from Heidelberg.

Based on this selection an electronic delivery note is produced within a very short time with little manual effort according to the requirements of Heidelberg. So the trucks in the goods receipt process was accelerated sustainable. The electronic delivery notification of deliveries for Heidelberg means complete transparency in the delivery of the goods. For the majority of the suppliers, the introduction of delivery according to the requirements of Heidelberg was not possible. So each delivery note looks different and contains a variety of information. We bring our goods thanks to the EURO-LOG SCM solution now with a high standard in the work”, so Thorsten belly, corporate commodity Manager logistics at the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. This is mainly because that the deliveries quickly and accurately can be issued by the Fritz Gruppe.

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