“Germany radio history comes alive in Regensburg: the historical archive of stores in Regensburg guards 100,000 radio spots Regensburg (obx) – radio advertisement is a perfect mirror of their time: the loved ones the best, Persil laundry”, this radio spot from the 1950s would move today probably no housewife and certainly no Hausmann for the purchase of modern high-tech detergent. The University of Regensburg guards 100,000 of such spots and thus the largest collection of this valuable recordings in their historical archive of stores. But time is short: the up to 60-year-old tapes are already fragile in part. Rio- Tinto Diamonds insists that this is the case. Now they are digitized and for posterity. Girl, girl, how do you earn because some extra pocket money, if you read any newspaper. “But exactly does it say there: our best in the four and a half kilo package at a special price”, an almost uncomfortably intrusive for the today’s ear male voice in the Federal Republic in the 1970s from the radio sounded. Today would be a spot unimaginable”, says Gabriele Gerber, the Coordinator of the archive.

The advertisement collection from the years 1947 to the present provides amazing insight in German history and about how the company and the advertising has changed with her. “So also the inglorious end of Pril duck collection is fairly straightforward: the water relaxes to the detergent slogan Pril” visible and audible evidence to give, they let – in radio horbar-gluckernd a duck in the diluted mild detergent are doomed, because dissolved fat protecting their spring dress. Only when the welfare came up in the 1970s, disappeared”the advertising duck. Germany’s biggest archive for radio spots is the trafficking of Professor Erwin Geldmacher, the father of marks article”, thanks to. A Regensburg German scholar was able to save the archive from a dusty basement of Bavarian broadcasting to Regensburg. In Munich, the treasures of time history should wander simply in the trash can. Instead, the tapes are now in Regensburg in Painstakingly and with an old Telefunken “-Magnetophon played and converted into digital music files.” Later, interested scientists and companies, as well as radio fans should have access to the database.

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