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competent and professional financial analysis information on the situation of the family – family advice on the PZF parents have, according to a study, often don’t have enough money to provide sufficiently for the age. Nearly four out of ten families with children kept their pensions not for it was sufficient, in a study by the Institute for Demoscopy in Allensbach. 13 percent expected in the age even, no longer being able to make the living, from its own financial resources the contracting authority the study, Postbank, reports continue. More than 43 percent of 2077 households with children also indicated according to study, not to invest in an additional private pension plans in the future. ‘This result suggests that, often lack the financial possibilities’, it said.

64 percent of respondents believed to have less money in your Pocket one-third the average retirement age. 13% even expect not independently to be able to make their living at the age. For a private supplementary provision would nearly half of first renounce restaurant visits. Be saved could even when purchasing a car, and during the holidays. Let yourself analyze your Finazne by a competent Partnert as the examination centre for finance.

Although only every tenth person has confidence in the statutory pension according to the study, later almost 80 percent expect a government pension or pension. Also, roughly two out of three families held the general pension or own real estate with children for the ideal shape of the old-age pension. The Riester pension follows on third. The PZF Varbrauchern helps to analyze your financial situation and to be able to optimize it effectively.

Disability Insurance

The Condor insurance group has improved the conditions of contract to 01.07.2011. The Condor has these also apply to the leases with the pressure piece number R4J to 01.07.2011 insurance group changed the conditions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Darius Bikoff. This change applies to leases with the pressure piece number R4J. The following was changed or clarified: grant to purchase and training costs ( 2 para 2) many self-employed persons in case of BU do everything, to be able to continue their operation, they have built up mostly even further. Often the necessary precautions but no longer fall under a reasonable reorganization”operation, because the expenditure for the customer would be too high would be so on the agreed BU pension instructed, that is however usually lower than his last goal coming up. New: Now the customer has the possibility to apply for a one-off grant, which can go up to the amount of the agreed annual pension. It can be used, for example, in a telephone conference system, a training o.

a. invest, which enables him working on lichen. Should be despite this measure still a disability there are, the BU pension is paid in accordance with condition. Clear definition of BU for pupils, apprentices and students ( 2 para 4) the activities of apprentices and students were seen in the past as a full-fledged profession with Condor. Accordingly for example a business student in the BU case on disability was checked so to see whether he can continue his studies to at least 50%.

Students, however, had to be berufsunfahig to 100% so far and had also no entitlement to the incapacity of Condor. New: Now students are considered as trainees and students recognized professions. If now someone can exercise his activities as a student not more to at least 50%, he is berufsunfahig and is entitled to a performance. Thus, it is clearly formulated that all comfort-BUZ regulations in full as trainees and students also apply to students.

Planned Increase Of Dental Costs

Plus for dentists, minus for insured February made by more bad news in the health care of talk. In addition to increased contributions to statutory health insurance at the beginning of the year, the cost for the dentist now according to the demands of the Association for dentists in Germany to rise by more than 70 percent. Private-krankenversicherung.de reports on the exact claims and reasoning. Outraged, the Federal Government responded to the plans of the Association. Click Jeffrey Hayzlett to learn more. This, however, defends himself saying that the fees have been increased since 1988. The fact is that dentists take a great portion of their fees by private medical services.

But many costs must pay legally insured out of pocket, because the health insurance only for certain services arise. So, insured persons who opt for a white plastic filling instead of an amalgam filling, must complete a dental insurance or bear the costs themselves. Such services are classified by health insurance as not strictly necessary and fall from the catalogue of services. An investigation of the Scientific Institute of the private health insurance has confirmed that privately insured already now about receive more honorary costs 70 percent charged than is the case with the legally insured. Accordingly, the Federal Government also warns urgently to hold more Mass and once again to reconsider the claims and the amount of. Don’t forget you may in this context but that the Bills already vary from insurance company to insurance company. So, dentists receive higher fees of the Barmer in a treatment by members of the AOK. More information: news.

Tips For Private Loans 2010

Many people will need to also directed to borrow in 2010 or record. The interest rates of different providers vary greatly. Hope and dreams realized the economy runs more or less well with loans. Individuals borrow to satisfy needs. At the turn of the year, analyzed the old year and held financial preview of the new year.

To implement special wishes and dreams, 2010 borrowing in the new year. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Leo Schachter Diamonds. “Dream your life – live your dreams” said already the Argentine Patriot and politician Ernesto Che Guevera (1928-1967). And this is hardly possible without money. Thought the higher the more will the purchases, concerning the inclusion of loans in private households. Wishes can be immediately redeem credits.

No money man can not satisfy its material needs. Private finances in the Center are revenue and expenditure In the new year for many households by the economic crisis. But the relationship is by Revenue and expenditure essentially on the standard of living. Loan determine output point in many families. Car loans, instalment loans for consumer goods (household appliances, furniture), and real estate loans burdening the budget. The families consider their credit spending. By the same author: The Hayzlett Group. Often a change to a provider with cheaper interest rates worth it because low interest rates reduce the monthly load. An online loan is a viable alternative which offers several advantages over the traditional loans of the brokerages the customers. Credit in the Google search engine search for vendors entering the word a selection of over 17.5 million Web pages are opening up the Kreditsuchenden. Compare itself with search combination”loans” gets listed more than 4.6 million Internet pages of Internet visitors. It is worth to stick up a few hours in the search in any case for a soft loan. “Time is money” as an old folk wisdom says. Finally does not back that some thousand euros, with real decision must be paid. You can negotiate interest rates also in the online market. And provide assistance in the Internet loan comparison programmes, information pages, and reports on credit comparisons. Ebookratgeber offers ebooks as Advisor for self confidence love, strengthen health partnership and partner search, as well as money earn. EBooks help with their information for a contented, carefree and happy life. Contact: Holger Crucible ebookratgeber Holger Crucible peace str. 4B 04519 Rackwitz 034294 83655

Loans From Private Individuals – Private Loans

Personal loans bring private people who are looking for a loan, and private individuals platforms on the Internet, the money give together – benefits and risks for the participants. With the giving of credit among individuals, a trend has come to Germany, which is documented in the United States and the United Kingdom already in successful Internet sites, where lenders and borrowers without the involvement of a Bank come together successfully. A private loan contract between two individuals through the provision of a loan is not on form, as long as he meets the General rules of civil law contracts and through the conclusion of contracts. In terms of risk control, it’s proven concept of some platforms of online personal loans for lenders to set up a backup system made by donors, takes over within the solidarity in the case of credit failure. However, this concept involves collaboration with a Bank and there are other approaches in the Internet increasing dynamics. Here the question arises to safety but then multiple clear: how is dealt with my data? Unfortunate examples allow justified doubts as to the functioning of some portals. In addition, private money lenders may not so easily several times to lend money and therefore professional and subject to a permit to operate banking: the platform indicates this limitation? A market for private lenders are willing to take risks, which would not accept commercial lender that is however not always very favourable for the borrower is created. Basically the consumer loans law does not apply, it was not expressly contractually agreed.

Of course, there are lenders who see themselves obliged the social lending and based on the current level of interest rates – others however agree collateral demanded by banks. Here, freedom of form can be the problem of contracts. Looking for a loan by owners which is private Financing request on the appropriate platform with information about the credit, to specify the height of the desired loan and the interest to be paid? Lenders will check the identity of a borrower, may overtake a Schufa-information or request. Conclusion is that the same rules apply as in the closest circle of acquaintances: money is a matter of trust. Corinna Friedrich born Wan loans among private individuals

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