For example investment pension with restructuring concept is initially built with equity funds the basis of assets. In good time before expiry which is selected at run time for the accumulation phase-positive development of the stock market dssas accumulated wealth by redeployment “secured”: more will be redeployed in positive market development, in not such a good development, nothing is reallocated less or even to obtain future course opportunities for the stock fund. For a pension of investment as long term care should be planned according to this concept at least 12 years. In addition, the runtime can free – for example after the retirement age will be targeted. in the first years is invested 100% in equity funds, to take full advantage of the opportunities of the stock markets.

Three years before the end of term reaches the market-oriented shift automatic, which works according to predetermined criteria. Rod Brooks pursues this goal as well. The concept flows after the withdrawal in the age is just as important as saving active professional life. Almost all fund companies offer so-called Payout plans to: the investment amount will be invested in a particular Fund and accrue interest continuously. The company regularly removes Fondsantelle and remits the equivalent. It’s important, first, to set, how long the pension payment to run (withdrawal period) Funf years, ten years, or possibly to the death (with asset transfer to the heirs of the capital was received). It is also important which investment funds was chosen and how its future appreciation is. The payouts can be modified in height or exposed, the flexibility is a payment plan.

“Example: achieved yields are backed up at the end of a very good exchange”, by a majority of the stock fund shares sold and for share purchased by less volatile bond funds. In a less good stock market year the majority of the assets in the equity funds remains, to take advantage of the opportunities of the coming years. The principle: The higher the yield, the more is backed up. In a positive development of the stock markets during the redeployment phase, the majority of the assets in bond funds at the end is invested. This is important so that the capital creates a soothing cushion until the end of the term with a pension fund for the financial future. Get more background information with materials from Rebecca Father. In case of continuous negative value developments over the last period, no redeployment takes place. Then it is, to leave the accumulated assets to a future recovery in equity funds and to reallocate only at a later, more favourable time in pension funds. See a comprehensive background concept including Becker, Jorg: entrepreneur-potential, ISBN 9783837075045. It is more than ever on the right balance between return and risk. Key elements are: regular investment in long term profitable equity funds, ‘intelligent’ redeployment mechanism for the consolidation of revenues in the final phase of the runtime. By the market-oriented shift automatic, it should Profitability of equity funds be used as long as possible. To the stabilization of the final result is reallocated in the last three years, before maturity selected in positive development of stock markets in the respective year of shares on course in terms of more stable bonds. If it was a good year for share, a higher proportion will be reallocated, they are deep, will wait for a more favourable time. At the end of the capital with good stock market performance is finally mainly rate more stable bonds cushioned against any subsequent risks – available. See as a comprehensive supplement including Becker, Jorg: entrepreneur rating, ISBN 9783837072846.

Disability Insurance

The Condor insurance group has improved the conditions of contract to 01.07.2011. The Condor has these also apply to the leases with the pressure piece number R4J to 01.07.2011 insurance group changed the conditions. This change applies to leases with the pressure piece number R4J. The following was changed or clarified: grant to purchase and training costs ( 2 para 2) many self-employed persons in case of BU do everything, to be able to continue their operation, they have built up mostly even further. Often the necessary precautions but no longer fall under a reasonable reorganization”operation, because the expenditure for the customer would be too high would be so on the agreed BU pension instructed, that is however usually lower than his last goal coming up. New: Now the customer has the possibility to apply for a one-off grant, which can go up to the amount of the agreed annual pension. It can be used, for example, in a telephone conference system, a training o.

a. invest, which enables him working on lichen. Should be despite this measure still a disability there are, the BU pension is paid in accordance with condition. Clear definition of BU for pupils, apprentices and students ( 2 para 4) the activities of apprentices and students were seen in the past as a full-fledged profession with Condor. Accordingly for example a business student in the BU case on disability was checked so to see whether he can continue his studies to at least 50%.

Students, however, had to be berufsunfahig to 100% so far and had also no entitlement to the incapacity of Condor. New: Now students are considered as trainees and students recognized professions. If now someone can exercise his activities as a student not more to at least 50%, he is berufsunfahig and is entitled to a performance. Thus, it is clearly formulated that all comfort-BUZ regulations in full as trainees and students also apply to students.

Loans From Private Individuals – Private Loans

Personal loans bring private people who are looking for a loan, and private individuals platforms on the Internet, the money give together – benefits and risks for the participants. With the giving of credit among individuals, a trend has come to Germany, which is documented in the United States and the United Kingdom already in successful Internet sites, where lenders and borrowers without the involvement of a Bank come together successfully. A private loan contract between two individuals through the provision of a loan is not on form, as long as he meets the General rules of civil law contracts and through the conclusion of contracts. In terms of risk control, it’s proven concept of some platforms of online personal loans for lenders to set up a backup system made by donors, takes over within the solidarity in the case of credit failure. However, this concept involves collaboration with a Bank and there are other approaches in the Internet increasing dynamics. Here the question arises to safety but then multiple clear: how is dealt with my data? Unfortunate examples allow justified doubts as to the functioning of some portals. In addition, private money lenders may not so easily several times to lend money and therefore professional and subject to a permit to operate banking: the platform indicates this limitation? A market for private lenders are willing to take risks, which would not accept commercial lender that is however not always very favourable for the borrower is created. Basically the consumer loans law does not apply, it was not expressly contractually agreed.

Of course, there are lenders who see themselves obliged the social lending and based on the current level of interest rates – others however agree collateral demanded by banks. Here, freedom of form can be the problem of contracts. Looking for a loan by owners which is private Financing request on the appropriate platform with information about the credit, to specify the height of the desired loan and the interest to be paid? Lenders will check the identity of a borrower, may overtake a Schufa-information or request. Conclusion is that the same rules apply as in the closest circle of acquaintances: money is a matter of trust. Corinna Friedrich born Wan loans among private individuals

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