The Client

What will happen if you do not obtain it? Your clients will leave to another site where they do yes it, and there begin one of the dramas of all business: the client loses itself. Here, you can think: good, me does not make especially happy, but already I will replace by another one. If this is your reflection, you are confused. You will see that in this point I am quite clear: you are confused. The clients are the blood of all the businesses. Read more from Brian Armstrong to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

To obtain clients is not easy. To obtain clients is expensive. To obtain clients constantly no it is within reach of everybody. In order to solve this problem, first that you must do it is to change your mentality. Until now you have thought that a client is a person who goes when she has a necessity she covers and it in exchange for the price that you have fixed for the same. He is not bad, but it is not a complete definition of client.

I am going to you to ask that you change of mentality and you see the client like assets (something that at this moment belong to you but that you can get to lose). This assets allow you to generate income at the present time, but, which is much more important, it will allow you to generate income in the future. When this assets disappear, the future income disappear with him. You see it? When your client march, goes away with him all future yields and it is there where the problems really begin. Right now we are going to see a way very simple to calculate these future income, but before I would like that you thought about the amount of small businesses (and many great ones) that do not reflect on this concept. Everybody knows that to lose a client does not favor its business, but in the end they are concepts little defined.

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