2010 Is The Year Of Biodiversity

kunayala collection ‘Fragile’ presents: organic fashion label continues for endangered species a Hamburg, May 26, 2010. Worldwide are about one-third of all plant and animal species threatened by extinction, and every day, our Earth to more than 130 species become poorer. The man is responsible for: global warming, pollution, eutrophication, overfishing and the exploitation of natural habitats are the main reasons for the declining biodiversity. To draw attention to the world’s impending loss of biological diversity, the United Nations have declared 2010 as the year of biodiversity. This an occasion was her collection for the founder of the fashion label kunayala, fragile”to endangered species: the trendy T-Shirts made from organic cotton wolves, lynxes, seahorses and sharks can be found on, leopards and many other images representing the many endangered species worldwide. We want people to move with our collection, to consume more consciously”, explains Katja Ruppell, founder of the fashion label kunayala. With the collection of T-Shirt organic cotton we support at the same time sustainable business and so after all, making a small contribution to the preservation of biodiversity. “Also our T-Shirts carry a message”, so next Katja Ruppell: there would be less endangered species, if we focus more on environmentally sustainable products.

” Actually, more and more customers see the connection between their own consumer behaviour and environmental impact. “Many emphasize therefore clothes with organic label, white Christian Milde, who runs the online shop kunayala.de together with Katja Ruppell: our customers find convincing the combination of ecology and design quality and ask after the next collection.” According to Christian and Katja is already underway, and will of course be made from organic cotton, but still more want to betray the two hamburgers at the moment. To the online shop: via kunayala: kunayala stands for eco-conscious clothing,. individual design and a life close to nature. The name of the fashion label goes back to an autonomous region in Panama, inhabited by the Kuna Indians. “The two Hamburg-based founder, Katja Ruppell, and Christian Milde, started 2009 with their first T-Shirt collection made of organic cotton, which they distribute primarily via the online shop kunayala.de the entire collection is eco-label green recommended by Greenpeace cotton ‘ certified. You can visit kunayala on the Hansebird: kunayala is represented with a stand at of NABU exhibition Hansebird: Tierpark Hagenbeck, Lokstedter border road 2, 22527 Hamburg, 25th to 27th June 2010, each 9 am-6 pm, contact: Katja Ruppell and Christian Milde GbR, new Eng Ammer House Dyke 338, 21039 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 21999482, E-Mail:, Internet:

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