Marketing Of Relationship

GOMES, Rozil Da Silva. Marketing of Relationship: a study of case on the satisfaction of the customers of company GAC Fruits. 2011. 49 pages. Work of Conclusion of Course Technology in Managemental Processes? System of Hardwired Actual Education, University North of the Paran, Joo Person, 2011.

SUMMARY This work of course conclusion presents a study of case carried through in company GAC Fruits, with the objective to identify and to evaluate the level of satisfaction of the customers in relation to the services given for the same one. To carry through this study two basic activities if had detached: the theoretical recital and the metodolgicos procedures. The theoretical recital served for the agreement of the problem and the definition of the research instruments. As methodology a quantitative research was carried through, by means of questionnaire to evaluate the level of satisfaction of the customers. The research brings a bibliographical survey contemplating diverse authors and sample that the satisfaction of the customers is the base that of support for the organizations of the most diverse segments of the market.

In the refined results it was possible to verify that the satisfaction of the customers of the company in study, needs a change. All the objectives of this work had been reached.

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