Marketing Operations

On the other hand, the operations the stated period went off and next to them the insolvency and the scarcity of services for the Autocenter. Changed the structure of company, was defined then that in the periods of high station, they increase the picture of services of Autocenter, harms without offering great promotions in the vendidas merchandises. Period of no longer low station, starts to use of this idle picture of man power of assembly and installation, to take care of with rendering of services of married sales and promotions. Compensating in scale profit any imbalances by vol. of vendidos products. Example: in the purchase of the kit of paid shock absorbers at sight, the customer starts to have right the discountings in the alignment service and balancing. Ally to this, intensified in this period the partnerships and visits together those automotivos workshops and centers that offer more specific and more complex services. As maintenance of engines, lanternagem and painting.

On the other hand, so that this strategy functioned efficiently, she was necessary to facilitate to conditions and stated periods of payments. Beyond intensive actions of marketing. Therefore the company searched to diversify terms of payment, beyond searching in the banks and financiers more solid partnerships of credit. CONSIDERAES ON the ACTIONS OF MARKETING to raise the performance of its products and services, was necessary that the suppliers, partners and customers had knowledge of the possible benefits to be now reached. More than this, it was necessary to awake positive interests how much to new the proposal commercial of the Unit. From there the importance of a strategy marketing querente and adapted to the white segment. One knows that for a successful campaign of marketing a positioning clearly of the company is necessary at least on which segment to reach and which attributes to evidence. Decided to the pendencies of allocations and internal adaptations, the Unit Retail looked for to focar in the segment of vehicles of small average transport (popular, utilitarian and esportivos) whose marks had representative of parts in Brazil.

Brazil Professions

in figure 3. necessities primary and secondary human beings. Understanding Bergamini and Chiavenato in citations of the necessities of Maslow, we can observe that the human being automatically is moved ace necessities. Being thus, the company could be motivating and presenting its professionals the hierarchy of the organization. To try to show to them that it has growth possibilities, however, needs to be worked with very well-taken care of each information, not to transform the employee little motivated into a very prepotent professional. Human B-Behavior the behavior is caused by action of human beings equivalent its motivation, many times says very of a professional, mainly when the employee is part of a group.

Chiavenato (2007, p.297-298) explains the human behavior in three assumptions related related between itself. 1.O human behavior is caused. A causalidade of the behavior exists. As much the hereditary succession how much the environment influences decisively on the behavior of the people. The behavior is caused by internal and external stimulatons.

2.O human behavior is motivated. It has a purpose in all human behavior. The behavior is not causal nor random, but guided and directed for some objective. 3.O human behavior is guided for personal objectives. Underlying the all behavior, always exists an impulse, desire, necessity, trend, expressions that serve to assign the behavior reasons If the assumptions will be correct, the comporatmento humanao will not be spontaneous, nor exempt of purpose: it will always have some implicit or explicit objective to guide the human behavior. Of the form that Chiavento displays the behavior human, he is more delicate it company to make the training, as the behavior is the action of the motivation human being, is turned in the question of the care that the organization must have when displaying the growth steps and where each professional can arrive inside of the company. On the other hand, it is cativante to know that a company can mold the behavior of a professional through motivations.

New Reality

These improvements that they not only aim at better resulted in the profits, but its position in the market and also the welfare of the collaborators. Recognition: With the process of OF in progress one, the recognition or merit, is a positive tool during process, therefore brings the desire for those people to feel more motivates to reach the new victories for inside of the organization. According to BECKHARD (1969), it says that the change effort is rewarded, as well as the results of short term. Resistance: The resistance also can be seen as positive factor for the change process, that is, when a control of the situation exists, being capable to precipitate events and to influence the climate of the organization, in which, the resistance is related to the vision of the change of each individual. If you have read about Rio- Tinto Diamonds already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Joint action: OF It he brings synergy between the members, therefore it brings the search of practical common enters the individuals that participate of the process, teaching them as to accept the opinions different, to stimulate the people to be enterprising during the change and to search the management participativa, that is, that all together they will be able to reach a great result. New Reality: The change process brings for the organization the current reality of the market, or either, what the market is really demanding for the moment, of form to stimulate new ways and also lines up the same one for a next future. Necessity of the Customers: Each customer possesss a necessity in itself, but in the process of organizacional change, the customer also is seen as one of the important papers of this process. The same he will be able to opt for the direction of the change, of form that all the opinions are inside of the context of the organization. With this the product and or final service will have more emphasis and results.

Marketing Of Relationship

GOMES, Rozil Da Silva. Marketing of Relationship: a study of case on the satisfaction of the customers of company GAC Fruits. 2011. 49 pages. Work of Conclusion of Course Technology in Managemental Processes? System of Hardwired Actual Education, University North of the Paran, Joo Person, 2011.

SUMMARY This work of course conclusion presents a study of case carried through in company GAC Fruits, with the objective to identify and to evaluate the level of satisfaction of the customers in relation to the services given for the same one. To carry through this study two basic activities if had detached: the theoretical recital and the metodolgicos procedures. The theoretical recital served for the agreement of the problem and the definition of the research instruments. As methodology a quantitative research was carried through, by means of questionnaire to evaluate the level of satisfaction of the customers. The research brings a bibliographical survey contemplating diverse authors and sample that the satisfaction of the customers is the base that of support for the organizations of the most diverse segments of the market.

In the refined results it was possible to verify that the satisfaction of the customers of the company in study, needs a change. All the objectives of this work had been reached.

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