Adherence Initiative

Promoting adherence centered patient care, patient involvement in treatment decisions that show results of satisfaction surveys in doctor’s offices and clinics request action package increasing extent the desire of patients about their disease and the treatment options to be better informed and more intensively involved in the decisions about the treatment process. The demand is so not a trend, but a manifest trend after a targeted promotion of adherence, i.e. the active involvement of the patient in the treatment decisions and their motivation to achieve the jointly developed therapy goals of. Adherence: high benefits, low application the adherence principle uses not only the patients, but everyone involved directly or indirectly in treatment processes, by physicians with pharmacists to health insurers and pharmaceutical companies. This benefit Foundation founded a strong orientation toward the future and sustainability of the Ansatzes.Die implementation is however not yet progressed: treatment plans previously a rarity, as understandable and comprehensive drug information and adherence assistive communication techniques are based on a shared decision making.

The initiative the Institute of business analysis, consulting and strategizing (IFABS) picks up on this development and will start from January 2014 the adherence initiative. It is designed to provide background information on the subject as well as to provide concrete assistance. “Include: in the area of medical practices”: – a quantified self-analysis for medical practices, which determined the status-quo promote adherence compared to same group practice companies and shows improvement – a guide brochure for practice owners to the concrete implementation of adherence-centric practice management (AZP), – a seminar on the possibilities and techniques of adherence centered patient communication. in the area of patients’:-a Patientenbefragungs project to the requirements of Adherence-based medical advice and to the requirements of the willingness to cooperate, a patient checklist for assessing adherence practices. in the pharmaceutical industry”:-a white paper on the topic of medication adherence-centric information (AZM)” as well as – the extension of the monitoring project how good is my Pharma speaker? ” “to the assessment of adherence support potential of preparations meetings of the external service. Aim is the development of a rating for indications, companies and products.

The results of the analyses be merged into an adherence-monitor, provides information on the progress promoting adherence. Views In the course of the year expands the project on the area of the hospital, in the consideration of adherence to include also ambulatory inpatient cooperation relations and transition management. Details of the initiative are current information on results and actions in the blog section of adherence”published. Source: bit.LY/18hOGnX Klaus-Dieter Thill

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