The Other

What Lara made was to alicerar the family without traumas or tragedies. It made of the life a party. The children do not have guilt some of the choices of its parents, but they can suffer irreversible damages. Lara learned some lies. Example, character is something that not dumb.

Each one is what it is. If it does not have to wait nothing, not to believe false promises. To see to believe. They are Tom is who wise person of the things. To dream is valid, since that it does not wait that the other comes to carry through its dreams. when it to become of forgotten, not to think that it is attention lack, is not this, is lack of same reasoning. Nothing to save with its health and welfare.

What you to save with these item it goes to be spending in the interests contained of them that it forgot to pay. If some day you contribute financially, saying you clearly you entered with the money to pay the accounts of the house, education of the children, etc, etc. You know that if today it can, it you must yes be responsible for you. It can until not wanting to assume the responsibility but this already is another history. Lara learned very. It is of opinion that if you were without employed and machine washing clothes, you does not have to wash the clothes summons of it and if it to arrive with a mount of underwears you to wash, asks it as it goes to feel itself washing its panties. if you will be able and to want, it its welfare and of it, that each one has its room, because this history of that if you to sleep in another bed it can look sex is of house, is certain of that if it makes this sort of man, it goes to look for yes with you in the bed or not! They are always in disadvantage because the woman can sexually be active until the eighty years, however it is selective, it makes choices.

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