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In this way, you can also automatically track changes in movement. The Web application is operated by Geqoo boxes in a secured data center. On the spot is only a low installation and maintenance costs necessary. Andreas Kern, logistics head of EADS EFW, is convinced that the system improves work processes in which aircraft equiment: ubigrate localization solution could be installed in a short time and with little effort. You makes us easier to find tools and tools that can be distributed in different halls. We expect that in the future time can be saved, that previously had to be spent seeking.” About ubigrate GmbH ubigrate specialises in business activity monitoring and technology leader in the integration of heterogeneous device landscapes in production and logistics. The software products collect process information in real time, evaluate them and create maximum transparency in logistics and production processes for the customers. This leads to significant cost savings and reduces both energy consumption and pollutant emissions.

With the product line Geqoo-based standard products for container management and cold chain monitoring are offered on Web technologies. They can be used also on-demand. ubigrate develops also specific solutions with OEM partners, which round off the product portfolio. The company is a spin-off of SAP research Dresden. Ubigrate a total of 15 staff employed in the offices in Dresden, Dortmund and Karlsruhe.

“About metrTec GmbH the metrTec GmbH develops, produces and distributes communication electronics for the areas of identification”, localisation, communication and wireless power “and served for a number of markets with standard products as well as special solutions. The customers include OEMs, system integrators and research institutions worldwide. Seat of the company founded in 2005 is Magdeburg. Contact: Ubigrate GmbH, Schnorr str. 76, 01069 Dresden contact person: Stefan Linge (marketing and sales) phone: + 49 (0) 351 2118729

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